Random acts of kindness

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Random acts of kindness

Darkness was thickening and evening advanced. My car was parked at roadside, while I waited       

for the roadside vendor to give me snacks I had ordered. Indian roadside eating joints are not considered a very clean or hygienic place to eat but they do serve tasty snacks called ‘chat’. Nearby there were many vendors who provide dinner to labourers and daily wage workers. I sat there watching those tired, weary people sitting on pavement and eating…..

Suddenly a tiny hand knocked on the passenger side window. I turned a saw a little urchin face, I opened the window and asked him what he wanted?

“I’m hungry”…. uttering these words he moved ahead, not sure of my reaction. I honked the horn but he kept moving. I got out and walked quickly up to him and stopped him. I saw a 10 year old, frail little boy…. Tired, sleepy and a little irritated. “What are you doing here at this time? You should be back home.”

He took my hand and walked to a shop across the road and said , “I work here. The owner promised to pay my wages today but he did not open the shop. I waited for him the whole day.”

 “Then go home and come tomorrow.” I reacted

“How can I go home? I promised my old grandmother to buy the ration. She must be waiting for me and it is 9 o’clock.” On enquiring he told me there was no one in his family except his grandmother, who was too old to work.

“What do you want from me?” I asked.

“Can you see that vendor in the corner? He serves food.”

 I gave him money which he refused……  “Wait here, I’ll go and ask him how much it will cost, then you can pay.”

What simplicity and honesty…… I was floored by it.

He went up to that vendor, the man looked suspiciously at him and then at me……. I waved to him assuring that I would pay. I paid the man and moved towards my car.

“Wait, where are you going, let me finish eating otherwise you will think I have taken the money from this man and gone away.”

I was speechless and just sat in my car while he finished eating. After washing his hands he walked up to me and said, “If you doubt me then tomorrow or any other day you can come and see that I work here.”……. hesitatingly he asked, “I can clean your car while you eat chat (snacks).” I firmly refused that offer as I don’t like kids working.

“O.K. now go home.”

“No I cannot.”

“Why?” I was taken aback and was a little suspicious. “How can I go home ……. You paid for my dinner; maybe somebody else would give me some money, so that I can take something for my grandmother.” 

“God, why do you test such little kids? What misery….” I wailed silently. Two innocent eyes, I wanted to wrap my arms round him and give him a bear hug.

“How much would that cost?” He looked at me silently, trying to weigh me …..” I think Rs.10/ would do”

I gave him much more than that and warned him to not to waste it. “You still think I would do that? With this amount I can buy one weeks ration.”

 He just touched my hands and ran towards a grocery shop which was about to close…… I just sat there looking at him from a distance saluting his spirit. His twinkling eyes certainly made a big difference in my life. I remembered the lines of “Innonence of a child” by Debbie Wagoner-

The sweet Innocence of a child in this world

makes me believe in every boy and girl.

Seeing through the eyes of a child

Is what can make me smile. 

They speak nothing but truth

know not yet how to lie, no evil to roost……

So pure and Innocent are the children

we have much to learn from them……..



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