Its me Hitali

I am President of INNERWHEEL CLUB OF AKOLA QUEENS and started with my new venture Param Commerce Point
  • Elevate Yourself!
    Its me Hitali | 18-Sep-2017
      ELEVATE YOURSELF!   Water symbolises flow and life.                      Abstractly, it explains how important is to keep moving no matter how many obstacles and storms come in your way.                       For it is better known the insignificance of stagnant water which only exemplify sluggishness,mustiness and stillness .So is life.Like moving water proclaims its art of excellence by repelling and rebuffing the storms and high tides ,so must be the epitome of one’s biography . Invigorate yourself to face the challanges , extol the virtues of self because self evaluation is the best thing to animate the hidden and stagnant virtues and vices.World is full of critics. So beatify yourself with your own verdicts. For that what you need to do is to keep moving and dive in the flow as it will help you to fine-tune and burnish.Explore the opportunites hidden in the venter of epoch.
  • Leave A Lasting Legacy !
    Its me Hitali | 19-Sep-2017
    Walking on the sand bare foot , makes me feel like walking over the sea. It’s Quaint!But the marks of my foot , though wispy for the moment , won’t be washed away . I am adamant!   For the world needs charismatic and good leaders to steer with a greater vision,And I will certainly emerge as one, I unwaveringly assure ,I will glisten.   My legacies , unbound and irrevocable ; inspiring and cognizable ; rebellious against the stereotypes yet pliable will last forever ,The spirit to make the world a better place and the endeavour to adhere to my goals will be baffled by storms . Never!   For i am so firm with my thoughts and deed , I will neither baulk nor let the untoward circumstances impede,Will certainly leave a lasting legacy that is intact and impressive ,emancipated and surely succeed !  
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