Leave A Lasting Legacy !

By Its me Hitali in Poems
Updated 01:38 IST Sep 19, 2017

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Walking on the sand bare foot , makes me feel like walking over the sea. It’s Quaint!
But the marks of my foot , though wispy for the moment , won’t be washed away . I am adamant!


For the world needs charismatic and good leaders to steer with a greater vision,
And I will certainly emerge as one, I unwaveringly assure ,I will glisten.


My legacies , unbound and irrevocable ; inspiring and cognizable ; rebellious against the stereotypes yet pliable will last forever ,
The spirit to make the world a better place and the endeavour to adhere to my goals will be baffled by storms . Never!


For i am so firm with my thoughts and deed , I will neither baulk nor let the untoward circumstances impede,
Will certainly leave a lasting legacy that is intact and impressive ,emancipated and surely succeed !


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