• Mitali Bapat | 07-Jan-2017
    आसमान को तलाशेमुसाफ़िर बनते फिरेमंज़िलों के ये सितारेकाश क़दमों में गिरे है सफ़र मुश्किल तो क्या राही भी ये कुछ कम नहींअजनबी है रास्ता पर मंज़िल तो अपनी है सही ठोकरों का ख़ौफ़ क्या उनको बे बाक ही जो बहते है ख़लिश और खलबली को भी सुकून ही वो कहते है तो मंज़िलों के वो सितारे क्यों ना हासिल हो सकेआसमान की तमन्ना ये मुसाफ़िर जो रखे |
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  • That thing
    Ankit Abhishek | 02-Dec-2016
      That thing, which we are never going to achieve, is what makes us live. That thing which one day we will get we dream, but fear what will happen when the wait ends. We wake up do our work and go to sleep. That thing is what fills the time unutilized. What helps us go past the day-to-day life is both a curse and a boon disguised. When, late at night, tired and beaten, we think about it laying on our sides, amidst all our pains and sorrows, the soul smiles, and we close our eyes to, again, with the rising sun, arise. But do we live or just dream? Why are we so afraid? Life is not a somnambulic state. Is it so shallow – the meaning of life – that we have more to lose than to gain? Should we just take pleasure in our yearning or shall we strive hard for it to thrive? I reckon we should go for it. No matter what we will achieve, it won’t be enough. Don’t be scared, that’s us. How will the stars ever settle for anything made of dust? But first, we should realise that it is not
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  • Demonetisation- True Sanitization
    Kalamwali | 18-Nov-2016
    8th of November 2016, is a date, many won’t forget. Just as most of us thought the day had ended and we continued to be drunk on monotony and sunk in routine some news flashed. Suddenly phones started to buzz. There was just one message out there: From midnight onwards the 500 and 1000 Rupee notes will be invalid as declared by the respected Prime Minister. There was much more to the news but the only thing that got registered at that point was that we no longer have valid currency. What was the PMO thinking? What was that? We quickly had a family huddle and decided it wasn’t a catastrophe. We cumulatively decided to calm down and retire for the day. But the first thing I did was made a mental note of all the mental notes I had with me that would have zero value in just a couple of hours. These notes were not just notes, they were witness to all the times I could have blown the amount but chose not to. Those were my savings. But once you learn to calm yourself down under any circumstance, it&rsqu
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  • A cat. A dog. And some flies..
    Ankit Abhishek | 24-Oct-2016
    “Where’s the beauty in here? I can’t find it.A cat, a dog, and maybe some flies are all that is near.The cat, she licks her paws in the middle of the street,looks around stealthily, and then scuttles away, whilethe dog lay lazy, under the shades of a treeand lulls pass the hot summer day.And the flies, what can be said about them;they buzz, they annoy, they keep it straight,they are here to wear, they tell personally in your ears.” “Oh what a disgusting day it is, can anything worse ever be?I don’t think so, and so do that white larvae crawling so near.Don’t you take your legs away, it’s just creeping, leglessand you are way above, on your chair.But still you are afraid, it seems. And what does it mean?No, you don’t need to be shy, not with yourself, never again.Tell me, what do you think? Today, will it rain? Maybe,but the sun’s still hot and high.There is some humidity, for sure, in the air, but what do we care? Where is beauty? One day all of us
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  • Sad Little View of My  Life
    Vaibhavi | 21-Oct-2016
    Life is neither black nor white it has shades of grey but my life is a black hole.But the fact that I never show my wounds off is the icing on the cake.Being a narcissist, doesn't let me think of anyone else but myself.I might be the only person who can commit all 7 deadly sins in a single bloody action.I need to engrain this in my mind that I ain't no meta-humanThis town is too smallThe house is not that tallWish I were never born.This time when life has no meaning and I move around in circles,reach nowhere.Should just LET IT GO.If only this was some angsty poem.I wouldn't have to go through this shit.Wish I were a serial killer or maybe lobotomised.But that's just our typical Sunday.For once time just goes Rewind Could've saved a river of salt.Wouldn't mind permanent amnesia or becoming a zombie.This is me at my worst. And it keeps getting better with every passing second.And a new morning....!
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  • Back to the beginning
    Ankit Abhishek | 18-Oct-2016
    It is all too easy to forget. That is the sole reason people stray. You know what you want and you have plans on how to get it. You have every asset required within the reach of your hand. But then, they tell you a story. A story that is true and which contradicts every single aspect of your methods not of how to do what you want to but of how you live. You try to hear without listening but the harm is done, though you do not know it yet. You still think it is possible, only that every other time you tell yourself this a mild hesitation, which was not there at the beginning, roots itself further in your conscience obstructing the flow of hope and energy that thrilled you to begin. Still you tell yourself what you want repeatedly. Only, steadily the will for action scuttles away. And when you just hope, you dream, which is a good thing to begin with but if it comes again, it enervates you and leaves you in a wistful hunger. Then someone else comes with an altogether different story. This time you are a part o
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  • Muskaan
    Kalamwali | 04-Oct-2016
    At one of the busy signals in the city, which I need to cross at least 2-3 times a day, there's a little girl who has been exhibiting fun dance and flexibility moves for at least 3 years now. She's probably the most familiar face amongst "strangers on the road". More so because she is consistent and friendly (only if you have the time to look at her and spare a smile). Now that it's a ritual to say hello to Muskaan (her name {perfectly given to her}), it's amazing how Muskaan finds me irrespective of how I am commuting. She's found me while hitching a ride in the car I don't normally commute in; in autos amongst a swarm of vehicles at that busy signal and on foot while crossing the street. And what does she do when she finds me? Comes running to say "hi Didi"! "Kaisi ho" "kal nahi dikhi" "pyaari dikh rahi ho" There have been times when I haven't spotted her, and vice versa. There have been days when I have been too preoccupied to look out for Muskaan. But there hasn't been a single time that Muskaan has see
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  • rohitlimaye | 24-Sep-2016
    The Morcha on Sunday - been pondering about the sudden change in status/heated discussions on various groups, Photographs being circulated by apparent Team A & the other Team , etc On further prodding, when I asked my friend the agenda for the Morcha I was told the following – Speedy Justice for Rape Victim at Khopardi Change in Atrocities Act Reservation for Maratha Community This on a group of friends I have known for a better part of the past 20 years! Even I thought for a minute before replying to that message while being politically correct. Why so? As far as Point 1 & 2 is concerned, I agree 100% and probably would have been more than eager to be part of the Morcha. Many across the board agree and would give their fair bit for this cause. On the other hand, hats off to the organisers for keeping it off hands from Political Circles while at the same time managing to get such a vast turn out from sheer free will. Free Will in today’s time & age would be the virtue seen ve
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  • The journey...
    Meenu Goel | 26-Aug-2016
    Years ago, a few of my friends and I got together on a Sunday morning to do something 'enviroment-friendly' (as we were studying about the same in school). Armed with all kinds of tools we set out to plant little saplings in our neighbourhood; not only we did put little cards with our names around the sapling but we religiously took care of them for a few weeks. Having gotten busy with all the usual activities and excuses, it was a delight to see the saplings happily turning into plants with time whenever we (infrequently) checked up. Today, as I continue to live in the same neighbourhood, it's an explicable feeling to see that same patch and hope that, amongst all the greenery, our saplings from back then have made it!
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  • Kalamwali | 26-Aug-2016
    I came across a lady walking her dog this morning. As I was about to pet her dog, the lady screamed, "No, she's not friendly" and walked away... And left me wondering excatly who she was talking about! 
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