chicken soup for life

By Priyanshi Banerjee in Daily Musings
Updated 14:58 IST Feb 21, 2017

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Close your eyes for a second and go back to that day when you stayed quiet while someone did one that one evil thing- fight! Now burst that bubble of thought and feel the flames within you which are way more hotter than global warming. Isn’t it crazy the way we curse a person twenty eight times, abuse for the seventy sixth time and kill them for the fifth time in seven different ways down in our mind yet stay numb in front of that very same person? Well, yes it is. And when I dig down to find the reason behind my silence, I find the roots of tolerance. Its only our tolerance and patience I suppose which is the main cause of the grudges which seem to tear our entrails. There is a fine line between patience and cowardice but this fine line doesn’t seem to be fine enough to be seen by people. Our patience is mistaken by their cowardice, basic error in interpretation I guess? But be it Ancient history or a layman’s life, wrong interpretation creates a domino effect which falls down eventually towards internal destruction, in terms of society- historically and self destruction in terms of life. And the only medicine to cure this incurable disease is ease! Last week, as I was walking through the corridors of my school, I heard someone saying- “I don’t express my anger, I rather explain it” And the very next thing that clicked my mind was- why not make it life’s mantra! And trust me on this pal, this is better than any pain killer on this planet! The person in front of you who is screaming right now deserves some fisty cuffs and blows, and not your silence. Lets not get drunk in monotony. Cheers to life!
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