Ankit Abhishek

It is all too easy to forget. That is the sole reason people stray. You know what you want and you have plans on how to get it. You have every asset required within the reach of your hand. But then, they tell you a story. A story that is... read more...
18-Oct-2016 • 777 views
As sudden as death, it happens. You wake up with no idea how you did or what time it is at least once in a lifetime. And for the first time you want to stay awake. The silence, the stillness of the cool fresh air filled with the purging sounds... read more...
20-Oct-2016 • 700 views
“Where’s the beauty in here? I can’t find it.A cat, a dog, and maybe some flies are all that is near.The cat, she licks her paws in the middle of the street,looks around stealthily, and then scuttles away, whilethe dog lay lazy... read more...
24-Oct-2016 • 662 views
  That thing, which we are never going to achieve, is what makes us live. That thing which one day we will get we dream, but fear what will happen when the wait ends. We wake up do our work and go to sleep. That thing is what fills the... read more...
02-Dec-2016 • 672 views
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