One day, at dawn.

By Ankit Abhishek in Experiences
Updated 14:54 IST Oct 20, 2016

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As sudden as death, it happens. You wake up with no idea how you did or what time it is at least once in a lifetime. And for the first time you want to stay awake. The silence, the stillness of the cool fresh air filled with the purging sounds of some exotic birds you never heard makes you nostalgic for all the mornings you have already missed. You look out of the window. It is not a morning but it isn’t a night also. What do we call it, how would you know? You just hunker against the walls, look out and let it sink in. No amount of photography can preserve what you see now. No one is there and no one will ever know. But don’t bother telling. It is yours; they will get theirs, but no one can understand. The fire lit inside you, the sparkle on your face is a pleasing surprise. You finally know that all the dreams, the little mischiefs are still in there.

But then the day breaks. You feel sad that tomorrow you may forget, but please do not fret. Just try to remember it all for your life. Do not even worry about that. It will always be inside even if you forget. Just breathe. Sit back and relax. Life is good; life is easy. Be happy.

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Kalamwali 20-Oct-2016 19:44

You have a very unique writing style!

Ankit Abhishek 21-Oct-2016 07:59

Thanks.. :)

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