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By Jyoti in Daily Musings
Updated 13:44 IST Apr 20, 2017

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I have been driving a 2 wheeler since 20 years and a 4 wheeler since a couple of years and this is my personal take on the subject:

People are in such a hurry to be in the front of everyone that they jump lanes, overtake from the wrong side, jump the signals and even take wrong turns - all in the process of getting ahead. There is this need to be ahead of everyone all the time and this need is even more if there is a female driver in front of you! Some drive in such a reckless fashion that you can see them going in a zig zag pattern literally. Some overconfident ones think that rules are not meant for them: only naïve ones need the rules. Some will go to such lengths to overtake you and then you see them waiting just in front at the signal so I want to ask them what did you accomplish – you are still waiting naJ. But I guess their ego or the male pride doesn’t allow them to wait. Enough about car drivers and I have not even talked about the ones who use mobiles during driving!

Now some experiences of 2 wheelers:

Some people have the habit of driving in the middle of the road and no amount of car honking will make them shift to the side. If you want to go ahead you better shift but I am just going to be in the middle – is their attitude. Many will be driving on the extreme right of the road where 4 wheelers are supposed to be. Are bhai if you like adventure so much go to some adventure trips na – don’t show it on the roads. Some like to show their acrobatic skills right at the junction of the crossroads and risky turns. If you are so good at acrobatics please use some other platform to show those.

Many drivers think that the person behind them is GOD and will know which way they are heading so they think there is no need to use any indicators. We, the ones, behind should learn to estimate from the body err the vehicle language of the frontwala where they are heading and drive accordingly! And if I start mentioning the bikewalas and the autowalas, it will be a very long article – they try to find a way even in tiniest of gaps between the two vehicles.

People today are not at all scared is what I feel. Their attitude is I own this road and I will do and go as I like – you need to change your pace or lane if you have a problem buddy. Seriously, people need to inculcate good traffic etiquettes in them and obey the rules so as to minimise traffic woes and accidents. It’s ultimately all of us who have to suffer.

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