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This question seems to be floating in my mind so often (most of the times while driving:)) - whether it is driving on the roads, standing in a queue, following etiquettes at work, public places or while using a cell phone and n number of other day to day things.

Or have we simply decided NOT TO FOLLOW THE RULES!!!

It is difficult for me to understand why people break rules. If everyone follows them so much chaos can be avoided and we can have a better world to live in.

I can go on and on about the way people drive on roads, why everyone is in such a hurry and need to overtake everyone. People drive so rashly and everyone wants to be ahead of others. The places where I have seen people talking on cell phones while driving – in middle of the crossroads, at the top of a 2 lane over bridge, just at the turn of lanes and so on. They don’t understand that this leads to inconvenience of other drivers but who is supposed to think of others nowadays!!!

While watching a movie there are so many who talk loudly on their cell phones and disturb their neighbours. If you have any urgent calls its ok but just gossiping while you are in a movie I cannot understand. Then there are some who give minute to minute updates of their whereabouts to their well-wishers and I don’t know why but I am always stuck with these variety on journeys! Some people hear the music so loudly in their headphones that I wonder how yet they are not deaf when I can hear it clearly sitting in the row behind them.

The way people try to jump queues at places. It’s as if only those people have work and are in a hurry and I am a fool to stand there and follow the rules. They are not even ashamed of their actions and in fact some have these smirks of satisfaction that see I did it and you are still standing there.

I really would like people to be sensitive towards others and try to make it easy for everyone to live peacefully.

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