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Mr. R: The Hero’s journey from savior to symbol of justice

MR.R – THE BeginninG: PART 1

The story starts with the history of whole Kumar family, on how three brothers started the business and later it became a huge empire and later a bad time came and two of the brothers died in a plane crash and youngest of them, Milind Kumar had to handle the family and the business.

              Kumar Enterprises were in various businesses like manufacturing, construction, warehousing, transport, automobiles, weaponry, military operations, etc

              People say bad times do test the good people and it again tested Kumar family, in a huge car accident, Milind and his wife, Asha were involved.

Doctors though they might lose the whole family, but Milind died after a huge survival and young son, Rihaan was in shock and his mother died after some days leaving Rihaan with grandfather, Arjun Kumar.

              Later, coming to know that the accident wasn’t an accident, it was a planned murder.


              Years later,

24 years old, Rihaan suddenly wakes up from his sleep in the night and sometime later, his alarm rings. He sees the watch and gets ready and goes for a jog and meets his peers and then heads to the gym.

              After the gym, some friends call him to meet and he goes to meet them at his old house which was closed down after the accident.

              There, his friends ask him about his life and Rihaan says that he is doing well and with the help of the Board members, he is also understanding the business and handling it well.

              One of them asks him about having some girlfriend/s and Rihaan jokes that he hasn’t found anyone yet and while they are not talking, he looks at a window and a good looking girl comes in it and she starts looking at Rihaan and she waves at him and smiles at him.

              One of his closest friends, Jeet comes to him and says, “Why don’t you just tell her?”
              Rihaan says, “Tell her what?”

              Jeet says, “Don’t act like a stupid guy, you like her, dude…. We all see that and you have been liking her since childhood, yes you weren’t in touch for some years but she still likes you, I got the feeling…. She asked about you a lot of times and asked me the address of where you lived in London while you were doing your studies.”

              Rihaan says, “She is just being with me for a lot of years….”

              Jeet says, “Don’t you have to go somewhere?”

              Rihaan looks at his watch and says, “Damn, his flight must have landed….”

              Rihaan quickly drives his car and reaches the airport and he looks around and a voice says, “Waiting for me?”

              Rihaan looks back and it is his grandfather, Arjun Kumar and they hug each other and Rihaan gets emotional for a while but his Grandfather calms him down and compliments that he is being too strong for so many years.


Rihaan agrees and they drive in the car and Arjun says that the crime rates have increased in the City and Rihaan agrees and says that the police sometimes are not that enough and it is like they cannot catch every each of them, they just need some more help….

              Arjun compliments again that he speaks well and just then, they stop a while and Rihaan sees two guys flirting and trying to fiddle with a girl and he says, “Grandpa, wait here for a while, I will come back….”

              Rihaan goes at the boys and talks to them and tells them to leave the girls alone and one of them pushes them and Rihaan gets up beats the hell out of them and breaks one of the guy’s legs.

              The girl thanks him and Arjun congratulates Rihaan on his bravery and Rihaan says that learning defense techniques helped him now.

              They both share a laugh and leave.

              As they leave, a car is seeing them.


The next day, Arjun and Rihaan are having a breakfast and Rihaan says that they should go somewhere outside for a ride and have some fun.

              Just then, Jeet enters and reminds Rihaan about the pub party and he says that he wants to spend some time with his grandfather.

              Arjun then cuts the conversation and tells Rihaan to go for the party and tells him that he also wants to meet some friends of his and tells that they will somewhere tomorrow.

              Rihaan agrees.

              While getting ready, Rihaan is wearing a suit and Arjun helps him with the tie and asks about the girl and Rihaan says, “I like that girl, but I am not scared but I don’t know what she will say….”

              Arjun says, “See, she must be thinking something nice too about you, as if it becomes late, you should propose her, you have everything, family, friends, fame, money, freedom, blessings of family, etc….. Go for it before it’s too late….”

              Rihaan agrees with and when he gets to his car and he calls her and says, “Tanya, hey, you free tomorrow, I wanted to tell you something….”

              Tanya says, “Yes, I will meet you….”

              Rihaan jumps high and Arjun sees this from the window….

              As he arrives at the party, he is being followed by the same car.

              At the party,

There is loud music, drinks, enjoyment and Rihaan is just happy that he will meet Tanya tomorrow and will confess his love to her.

              Sometime later, the party ends.

              Jeet says that he is going to stay at Rihaan’s home, they move ahead in the car and the same car follows them and there are on a long road and the car that was following gets fast and does a drift at stops.

              Rihaan and Jeet don’t see this and the car that has stopped, a masked guy comes out of it and removes a device and fires it and a huge disk like goes at Rihaan’s car and the car flips over and goes upside down.

              Other men get out of the car and walks towards Rihaan’s car and they pick Rihaan up and Jeet goes at them but they unconscious him when one of them hits a rod in his head.

              Rihaan gets kidnapped by some people and in between he opens his eyes and sees that he is transported by air, water and road.



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Kalamwali 18-Apr-2017 11:31

Wow! Waiting for the next piece...

Rutwik Nalawade 20-Apr-2017 23:28

two more stories are out....

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