Mitali Bapat

Trap her indoors,let her be freeIt matters not It'll be "her fault" Saree clad,dressed in a skirt It matters not "She asked for it" Face painted or shrouded in a veil It matters not "It's still her fault" She didn't want it He thought she... read more...
07-Jan-2017 • 716 views
आसमान को तलाशेमुसाफ़िर बनते फिरेमंज़िलों के ये सितारेकाश क़दमों में गिरे है सफ़र मुश्किल तो क्या राही भी ये कुछ कम नहींअजनबी है रास्ता पर मंज़िल तो अपनी है सही ठोकरों... read more...
07-Jan-2017 • 1538 views
How do you get rid of shadows that lurk?Darkness is gone, yet you struggle in the murk Blinking, you try and attune to daylight,but are unable to bear even the brilliance bright Thoughts that were banished to recesses in the mindresurface to haunt of memories unkind Of unresolved... read more...
23-Jun-2017 • 714 views
» Long
In moments of quiet solitudeshe pondered, oft aloud,reminiscing about a brighter time,the dazzling lights, an awestruck crowd About those several years and morethat she had given her soul and heart,surrendering all she ever hadto her life's pursuit, her art How vibrant her youth had been,before... read more...
14-Mar-2018 • 734 views
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