By Mitali Bapat in Poems
Updated 08:59 IST Jun 23, 2017

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How do you get rid of shadows that lurk?
Darkness is gone, yet you struggle in the murk

Blinking, you try and attune to daylight,
but are unable to bear even the brilliance bright

Thoughts that were banished to recesses in the mind
resurface to haunt of memories unkind

Of unresolved conflicts, of unforgiven deeds,
of unforgotten woes and unfulfilled needs

And you wonder how many devils you are to fight
before you're at peace and all seems right

You set out in search of a divine force
to purge the mayhem, to show you your course

You grope in the hope of a healing hand,
that will sweep you off to a faraway land

Finally, unheard you turn inwards and pause,
seeking an answer, a reason, a cause

Strangely, the turmoil begins to ease
the voices in your head now seem to cease

drawing from a source lying deep within
you calm the storm, the raging din

When slowly you realize how this came to be
what was there all along, only now you can see..

The strength to liberate resides in your core
you must delve in, to summon it to the fore

to free yourself from your gloomiest fears,
to give you courage to confront your tears

The war is won, the demons are slain,
but you fear for tomorrow, dreading more pain

Then it dawns on you, once more you smile
and you're ready to take on another mile..

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