Seasons Of A Woman's Life

By Devi in Poems
Updated 10:10 IST Jun 28, 2017

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A daughter as pure as first fallen snowflakes

Separated from the external world by blankets

She loves and is loved by all for she is

A daughter as pure as first fallen snowflakes.


Spring comes as she grows, like a bud into a flower

In the sunbeam's warmth, she melts like snow

And into the world, she steps, young and beautiful.

She is so fragile and delicate, falling for everything.

Tears and blushes accompany her to everywhere she goes

From burning heart to the promised one.


Season's changes to hot summer as she

Daughter to wife and to a mother who loves and cares

She is everything but stays nothing.

No choice, no regret, sound and safe

Her eyes are nonetheless bright and she, herself, is sharp as

A needle as she leads everyone ahead


After the harvest comes the autumn [falls]

Another winter is coming ahead

Slowly losing everything but she never possessed

Her deed is done, her karma fulfilled

Let her drift away for she was war

Yet, was the dove and the olive branch

Her hands wrinkled, her eyes still bright


Towards the end of the falls, shadows sweep in

But she is happy and victorious

'Cause her light will drain yet won't die

Thus ends her vain worldly life


Seasons circle, she should too

Yes, its circle, unable are we don't find it out.


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