It's Always Her Fault

By Mitali Bapat in Poems » Short
Updated 12:57 IST Jan 08, 2017

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Trap her indoors,
let her be free
It matters not
It'll be "her fault"

Saree clad,
dressed in a skirt
It matters not
"She asked for it"

Face painted
or shrouded in a veil
It matters not
"It's still her fault"

She didn't want it
He thought she did
It matters not
"She's the one to blame"

She said "No"
He decided "Yes"
It did not matter
"She deserved what she got"

She's only a toddler
She can't even talk
But it doesn't matter
He will have his way

Her body, her right
Her freedom, her fight
Her consent, her choice
are all her fault

His eyes, his gaze,
His filthy touch,
His show of machismo
are also her fault.

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