Black and Lovely

By Mitali Shah in Daily Musings
Updated 15:11 IST Apr 23, 2017

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Black and Lovely.

"Black is beautiful" ain't it? Ofcourse!! Black is beautiful and regal but only when associated with attires, accessories or showpieces. Why is black not so beautiful when we talk about skin colour?

The matrimonial advertisements​ always start with educational qualification and end with the colour of skin. And believe me, most of the times the skin colour plays a major role in decision making. I pity those who prioritise skin colour over one's educational qualification.

The beauty of a newborn is often described as "oh ,the baby is beautiful and soooo fair" or "the baby has sharp features but the complexion is little dusky." Really?? I wonder why are we so obsessed with fairness. 

The market is flooded with fairness creams and lotions. It's difficult to find a moisturizer or face cream sans whitening agent. The success rate in career, or level of confidence at the work place is directly proportional to your skin colour. The fairer you are the most successful you are! For dating a girl, use a men's fairness cream to boost your confidence. This is the crap they show in advertisements of fairness creams. How I wish I could sue these companies for Racism!

The media shouts from roof tops about how few countries are promoting Racism, we too sit in our Living rooms and discuss Racism. Just spare a thought on what are we promoting? It's time that we ban the way that these fairness cream companies advertise their products. 

It's time to understand that not only Fair is lovely but Black is lovely as well !!

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Ramanathan Shankara 23-Apr-2017 19:16

Nice write up. You have puts your raw emotion into it. But I dont think we can go too far with banning these products or even the advertisements. If it were that simple, we could ban cigg, liqor, other consumer products which a community at large thinks they are not necessary.

And you are right, matrimonials dont work out very well for everyone.

Anyways good write up...

Mitali Shah 24-Apr-2017 09:19

I understand that banning of fairness creams is impossible. I am against the way they advertise. The way these companies advertise the products, it's like demoralising dark skinned people, Which is totally unacceptable.

Kalamwali 24-Apr-2017 11:27

Well expressed!

sanchita 27-Apr-2017 13:28

liked it!

Mitali Shah 28-Apr-2017 16:45


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