• Good girls don't drink
    Sujata Rajpal | 16-Feb-2018
    Can women and beer go together? The current beer debate reminds me of a particular incident at my book event where after the book talk, a young woman came up to me and said kind words about my book that how much she had liked my book and how strong I have portrayed the character of Leela. ‘But there is something which I didn’t like?’ she said. ‘What is it? Please tell me,’ I was all ears to get some constructive feedback from a reader. ‘Why did you show that Leela drinks beer? Alcohol is bad for girls.’ (For the uninitiated Leela is my protagonist in The Other End of the Corridor) I’ve always believed I can absorb any kind of feedback positively but didn’t know how to take this one. All I could do was give a half smile. Everyone is free to have their own opinion about Leela, the book or the beer. If excessive alcohol is bad for the liver, it is bad for both men and women. Is woman’s body wired differently that alcohol can be bad for her but not fo
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  • Love is maintainance
    Dietician | 14-Feb-2018
    Valentine’s day, the day of love so why not celebrate our love with whom we never break up. They always have our heart and our heart is filled with its thoughts- right it is none other than our dearest food. Even a thought of food brings a smile on each and every individuals face. If think we actually have a particular food item for every occasion happy or sad. From colostrum to the last sip of water, food actually accompanies us throughout our journey of life .Depending on the place and the religion we are born in our food culture varies, but it does not differ .The food culture is basically dependant on area , its climatic conditions… but the reasoning remains almost the same. In case of Indian as far I know every food ritual is based on science and facts. Every relationship has ups and downs but this one has the least . Just like the secret to  maintain any relation is to strike a balance , similarly we need to strike a balance in our plate. In a relation both partners are equally imp
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  • Togetherness
    Ajinkya Pathak | 02-Feb-2018
    In a relaxed moment she asked, “What’s the best thing about me?”. “You made ‘us’ out of ME”, he replied!
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  • Ajinkya Pathak | 01-Feb-2018
    While cleaning the dirt of her memories from my skin, I was slowly introduced to my own color!
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  • Seeking Peace
    Digvita Shah | 16-Jan-2018
    Walking by the shore, the tsunami of his emotions: floated peacefully!!! -Digvita Shah
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  • Elevate Yourself!
    Its me Hitali | 18-Sep-2017
      ELEVATE YOURSELF!   Water symbolises flow and life.                      Abstractly, it explains how important is to keep moving no matter how many obstacles and storms come in your way.                       For it is better known the insignificance of stagnant water which only exemplify sluggishness,mustiness and stillness .So is life.Like moving water proclaims its art of excellence by repelling and rebuffing the storms and high tides ,so must be the epitome of one’s biography . Invigorate yourself to face the challanges , extol the virtues of self because self evaluation is the best thing to animate the hidden and stagnant virtues and vices.World is full of critics. So beatify yourself with your own verdicts. For that what you need to do is to keep moving and dive in the flow as it will help you to fine-tune and burnish.Explore the opportunites hidden in the venter of epoch.
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  • Kapil Muzumdar | 14-Sep-2017
    So don't be restless and impatient to run simply because others are ready and running. You take your time to build your own charm. Your charm shall always be unique because it is your own. And when you begin running, they'll falter, not because there's anything wrong with them, but because they found you more right than they thought you could ever be!  
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  • Madhura | 23-Jul-2017
    Through thick and thin till eternity. That's what friendship means to me. Friends are family to me but family is seldom friends. I've kept friends at a pedestal through my life. Globalisation puts so much geographical distance between friends today. Kilometers have never reduced the closeness to my true friends. I've always been a person who takes the initiative to text or call friends irrespective of distance and the differentiating time zones. My theory is to pick up the phone and do the needful. My relationship with several of my closest friends has been volatile and action packed to say the least. I've fought and quarrelled with them and hugged and missed them with equal intensity. So much that friends with whom I've fought keep popping in my dreams in random scenarios. The purity of this relationship is never based on any factor but the willingness to "remain" what we were and are to each other. Having friends, who care about you and love you is a true blessing which is incomparable to any amount of weal
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    Ankita Kulkarni | 06-Jul-2017
    The Oxford dictionary describes war as “A state of usually open and declared armed hostile conflict between states and nations”. It also describes it as,”The art or science of warfare”. But is war really an art? Is there any scientific aspect to it? Is war good or bad is a very common question that is asked all around the world. But is there really a correct answer to this question. As the Oxford dictionary says, it is a hostile conflict between two or more nations. This hostility emerges due to either conflicting ideas or disobeying of laws. Laws are created and kept in place to maintain peace and discipline in any society. Breaking any of these laws leads to chaos which further leads to war. Similarly, when two or more nations have conflicting ideas over a common issue such as the India Pakistan conflict over the occupancy of Kashmir, it leads to war. But why do we need war? Coming back to the question of is war good or bad, I would start by asking that do we really need war? In a wo
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  • Kapil Muzumdar | 28-Jun-2017
    They say opposites attract, so can (how) two diametrically opposite natured individuals come (live) together (happily)? I am talking about people with elaborative polar differences. The fascination towards something different than who you are sounds utterly exciting and the two get drawn to each other easily to help foster a relationship. Like, he believes in frugality, she is extravagant. She is generous while he stingy. She is high-energy and he is supposedly laid back. He loves reading while she would consume her day chattering. Add to this, their diverse ‘socio-economic’ backgrounds and friend circle. So opposites beyond magnets could attract…hmm. Well, human nature to grain on anything new, different or farther from own self is a notable & aspirational trait. It’s a natural human instinct to discover. We are kind of hard-wired for this. And that works here too! Moreover, to be identical or grossly similar could perhaps be utterly boring… Frankly, it is difficult
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  • Kapil Muzumdar | 20-Jun-2017
    "Remind yourself that your life stands on the labor of others. You might be thinking you alone made it but the fact is you didn't. And you simply cannot. For whatever you do, you need the help of others to make good of what you've set out to do. Life, in your success, shall always remain the gift of others and in your failure, a gift you owe yourself"
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  • Kapil Muzumdar | 11-Jun-2017
    We are concerned that computers are being made to perform like humans..taking away our tasks..rendering us jobless. Chayla, we must be more concerned that human beings are performing like computers. Artificial, plastic, mechanical, boringly rational and so predictably logical. 😉😄🤓
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  • Mitali Shah | 31-May-2017
    A SMILE reflects Sweet Moments In Life to Enjoy! Smile is one of the few things which is good inspite of being infectious. A smiling face can conquer hearts in a second. People who go for morning walks exchange smiles with passing by strangers , and slowly that gesture develops a bond of friendship.  It was a lazy Sunday afternoon when me and my son were enjoying a good movie on television. Suddenly, we heard a voice coming from the direction ofour gate. There was a small boy of about 12 to 13 years standing at our gate. He was sweating profusely and looked quite tired. He asked me for water. After drinking water, he asked me if I could assign him a job like washing car or watering the plants. Being totally against child labour , I declined his offer. But he persuaded me to give him some sort of work as he wanted to earn some money to buy books. I offered him some amount so as to help him, but he said he wanted to earn the money himself. I was totally impressed with his honesty and his vigour to earn
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  • Magic of the Smile
    sanchita | 31-May-2017
    Magic of the Smile   The other day I got down from the taxi, paid the bill and smiled and said Thank you to the taxi driver. He was surprised since I did not talk  much throughout the journey. He also smiled back and thanked me while returning the money. This uplifted my mood for the day, I passed on a few more smiles to the people I came across during the day and that is how I think the happiness spreads. So flash that smile to make the day brighter. I grew up In Pune, India. Anyone who knows me points out that I am an “ever smiling girl”. During the school days, I used to dread these PTA (parents teachers meetings). Because apart from the usual complaint that she talks a lot in the class, the complaint use to be that she smiles. I obviously failed to understand how can that be a complaint? And my parents use to keep asking me what makes you smile when the teacher is teaching? I had to explain that I was not smiling. In fact, this complaint took a serious turn during my post gr
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  • We are RED inside.
    taabiirdaan | 11-May-2017
    Either its black or its white... We all are same inside..   Where does these noble thoughts vanish away.. Whenever its come to being with someone...   Either its marriage or a relationship..   Why a fair boy always seem to be with a fair girl.. Or a girl .. who always want her husband to be as fair as herself..   Why a 2 month old baby got names like "kaalu"... Is it sounds cute to you... No its not.... Its just the start of the treatment that baby gonna have in this so called fair world... A recism that Start from home itself..   Why a fair girl get all the attention at work...  Does she doing a special contribution... Yeah may be cause her babies would be as fair as her... And that will help making world a fair world.   Either its a girl or a boy... The day from their birth they get used to words like , kaalu, kaali, unfair, ugly, kaluta... Amd much more... This is nothing but the bullying... And how it effects child mind ... You can't imagine if y
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  • Sujata Rajpal | 07-May-2017
    In our back lane, there is a dhobhi. It’s a 8 x 8 room, two tables for ironing on either side of the room. Every time when I went to give and take clothes, Kumar will be ironing the clothes, his wife either ironing on the other table or sitting on a plastic chair just outside the shop, husband and wife chit chatting, laughing, joking, having a word or two with the customers, it was a happy sight to see husband and wife bonding. They have a son and a daughter, both married, well qualified and earning well. Soon the business grew. More work. More money. ‘I should hire someone to help me, I can’t iron so many clothes,’ Kumar often whined, smiling all the while. Now when I go to the shop, Kumar is ironing the clothes with his back towards the hired help who is ironing on the other table, a heap of un ironed clothes on one side and a pile of ready ones on the other. The pile is going bigger but I also notice that Kumar rarely smiles now. ‘Amma doesn’t come to the shop these da
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