Happy Women's Day!!!

By Jyoti in Daily Musings
Updated 17:23 IST Mar 08, 2018

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International Women’s Day is being celebrated today everywhere but is it enough for us females?

Women will be made to feel special today, pampered, offered discounts at all the stores and hotels but what after today? I am not against this celebration but I just want women to feel special and safe on all the days and not just one single day!

In today’s age, daily we hear and see events which are degrading females, be it at the home front or the workplace. The graph of a women’s life is measured by her marriage, number of kids, her family and not her intelligence, work or promotion. People cannot tolerate women in superior positions and assume that she has used her female powers to reach the position. They cannot believe that she can manage family as well as work both efficiently. Even in the high societies, women are facing these problems. These problems cannot be eradicated until the mindset of our society changes. Even highly educated people can have narrow mindsets and it is very difficult to change them. In low socioeconomic societies, these problems are more prevalent. The male counterparts are taught to believe that they are superior right from the childhood. In rural areas it is difficult for a girl child to have basic necessities which we take for granted. Education which is a right of every child is not provided to her and right from childhood she becomes a victim and she doesn’t even understand that something wrong is happening with her.

I really appreciate women who in spite of facing so many hurdles have come a long way in their life and achieved something. It is difficult for us, who were brought up in a safe and encouraging environment to understand their struggles. But still, it’s a long way to go and only when we can change the mindsets of our society, true upliftment of women will be considered. Till then, allow every girl child to blossom in a safe and supporting society and let her feel that every day is special for her!

Happy Women’s Day!



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