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By Asmita Javdekar in Daily Musings
Updated 15:15 IST Apr 13, 2019

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What were the chances that just a day after watching Delhi Crime on Netflix and having been deeply impacted by the role of a young IPS officer, Neeti Singh, I bump into these three young police constables.

What caught my attention was the uniformity of their demeanour. All three were fit with a calming disposition and a confident gait.

Shraddha Gaikwad, Priyanka Pawar and Seema Musale are all less than thirty, married with children. One of them is a mother to infant twins. They work from 9am to 9pm.

Women are inherent protectors. They also have a way with words and don’t need to escalate a situation to physical force as often as men.
Having said this, when a situation demands, they can unleash their internal super human power.

“We all have it. It’s important to know when to let is rest and when to make it thunder.”

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