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Someone asked me a couple of days ago what makes me happy? I was unsure about it. I was reluctant and hence avoided the question. But then late at night, I kept thinking about it. I was actually surprised that I only remember things that make me unhappy. I spoke to my friends and mom about it, then they made me understand the "ART OF LIVING HAPPILY"


My mom said "happiness" is something which you should find within yourself and then spread it to others. It is just like being positive. Be positive and spread positivity. To be happy, you will have to start seeing things positively. Being positive does not mean that you agree to stupidity. Being positive is the 1st step for happiness. 

She further added that people will hurt you, betray you and will wish bad for you. But you should let go and forgive them. Kill them with kindness. Do good, God will see what has to be done to those people who let you down. 

Then I asked her what if someone close to me hurts me and I am unable to forget it? My mom said attachment is worst. You should always control your emotions before your emotions control you. Stop expecting. People won't always have a good heart like you. Stop expecting. Expectations lead to depression. But you always expect from people whom you care is what I said! She replied- Assuming things is an enemy of happiness. When people act as they don't care- believe them. Actions speak louder than words. Stop assuming Good/bad.

I asked my mom, who had told her such great thoughts? To which she said, "dear, go start reading Bhagwat Gita" you will find all the answers. It has helped me, I am sure it will help you too.

So I suggest everyone who wants to lead a successful life, find the time and read Bhagwat Gita. 

It has helped me, I am sure it will help you too!

"Jai Shri Krishna"

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