Simple pleasures of life!

By Jyoti in Daily Musings
Updated 16:11 IST Jun 15, 2019

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In this chaotic life, do find some time to enjoy simple pleasures. I am listing some here:

Waking up fresh early morning after a sound sleep and no alarm

Cycling in morning with less traffic

Smile of a child

Smell of earth after first rain

Enjoying chai-pakoda/corn in rain

Walk in a garden

Just sitting and breathing

Driving with window down and feeling the wind in your hair

Walking under the stars

Listening to a favorite song on radio

Cooking your favourite dish

Talking with old friends

Watching sunrise/sunset

Playing with children

Reading a good book

Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce

Watching rain from your favourite place at home

Having a good laugh

Getting a compliment

Bringing a smile on someone's face

Blooming flowers 

Clean laundry

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