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Updated 12:16 IST Jun 15, 2019

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Unlike physical health, Mental health cannot be seen! It has to be spoken about!

Health is a combination of Physical, emotional/mental, and social well being.

Mental Health being one of the most neglected aspects of our country does not have enough awareness!

The trend to have a picture perfect social media profile is quite demanding and stressful for every generation of today!

Sometimes the people who seem the happiest are the most stressed ones!  With the rising pressure of social media, the pressure to look perfect, have a picture perfect family, perfect  pictures of  luxurious vacation , brightest and stylish looking children, amongst other things, hamper  the mental health of today’s generation. 

There is a rising number of population visiting counsellors, psychologists as well as any centre that offers solutions on mental health.Moreover, surveys have shown that there is a constantly increasing number of people downloading mental health apps to counter stress anddepression!!!

In fact as a therapist, i have often counselled even children as young as 5 yr olds,having mobile addictions,  who under peer pressure  force their parents with expensive demands, which on being unfulfilled lead to loneliness amongst our tiny tots !

It is a known fact that the physical health of a person is directly connected to their mental health.

Diseases such as Panic Disorder, Depression, OCD’s (obsessive compulsive disorder), and Sexual Disorders etc ..are a direct result of stress related problems.

The spectrum of Mental Health is Vast and every aspect equally important. 

Let’s gradually touch upon every aspect on mental health to create awareness and work towards Mental Health and stability.


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Kalamwali 19-Jun-2019 15:33

So we’ll written! Social media has been messing around with the mental health of so many people around!
Looking forward to you addressing more such topics!

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