Sonal yakkundi | 25-Jun-2019
    Someone asked me a couple of days ago what makes me happy? I was unsure about it. I was reluctant and hence avoided the question. But then late at night, I kept thinking about it. I was actually surprised that I only remember things that make me unhappy. I spoke to my friends and mom about it, then they made me understand the "ART OF LIVING HAPPILY"   My mom said "happiness" is something which you should find within yourself and then spread it to others. It is just like being positive. Be positive and spread positivity. To be happy, you will have to start seeing things positively. Being positive does not mean that you agree to stupidity. Being positive is the 1st step for happiness.  She further added that people will hurt you, betray you and will wish bad for you. But you should let go and forgive them. Kill them with kindness. Do good, God will see what has to be done to those people who let you down.  Then I asked her what if someone close to me hurts me and I am unable to forget it? My
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  • Simple pleasures of life!
    Jyoti | 15-Jun-2019
    In this chaotic life, do find some time to enjoy simple pleasures. I am listing some here: Waking up fresh early morning after a sound sleep and no alarm Cycling in morning with less traffic Smile of a child Smell of earth after first rain Enjoying chai-pakoda/corn in rain Walk in a garden Just sitting and breathing Driving with window down and feeling the wind in your hair Walking under the stars Listening to a favorite song on radio Cooking your favourite dish Talking with old friends Watching sunrise/sunset Playing with children Reading a good book Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce Watching rain from your favourite place at home Having a good laugh Getting a compliment Bringing a smile on someone's face Blooming flowers  Clean laundry
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  • A Kiss of Love
    Asmita Javdekar | 07-Jun-2019
    She dragged herself out of bed.The night seemed to be furtively lingeringover the nippy, peaceful milieu.Her daughter had an early morningBasketball practice at school.The frenzied dash of the first 20minutesof her day witnessed a new level of agility,from two tight hair braids to three healthyDabbas!!Finally, the customary farewell kiss on theforehead infused some emotion into herrobotic operation.
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  • Wanderer
    Asmita Javdekar | 07-Jun-2019
    I know the Swiss Alps like the back of myhand.I've romanced in dreamy Italian hamlets,scattering down to the sea.I've played hide and seek in the narrow,cobbled alleys in Edinburgh.I've breathed, felt, touched, owned everytravel destinationHere, I'm not the only one who's travelledwithout a passport or a visa.Yerwada Jail is known for miserly humansand generous books.
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  • Tri Colour on Ice
    Asmita Javdekar | 20-May-2019
    Shruti KotwalI spotted her training at the gym this morning. Her posture, built and focus, prompted me to ask her if she were an athlete. “I am an ice skater.” was her modest reply.Thank god for my curiosity, I prodded her further.Meet Shruti Kotwal, India’s first female ice skating champion.Shruti has been roller skating since childhood. After becoming a National level gold medallist in roller skating, she hit a roadblock for what next?A scholarship guided her to pursue ice skating in Germany. At the 2011 South Asian Winter Games, she won three gold medals in the 500m, 1,000m and 1,500m categories.A blazing dream stimulated her to move to Calgary in Canada to hone her skills.I asked her if she ever felt deflated, like where is all this leading her? “Every single day. There are highs and lows. I miss home, I miss family. I train four to five hours daily and then there are races that don’t go according to plan.Add to this, I am the only brown girl in the arena. It’s almost l
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  • Adi Shakti
    Asmita Javdekar | 13-Apr-2019
    What were the chances that just a day after watching Delhi Crime on Netflix and having been deeply impacted by the role of a young IPS officer, Neeti Singh, I bump into these three young police constables.What caught my attention was the uniformity of their demeanour. All three were fit with a calming disposition and a confident gait.Shraddha Gaikwad, Priyanka Pawar and Seema Musale are all less than thirty, married with children. One of them is a mother to infant twins. They work from 9am to 9pm.Women are inherent protectors. They also have a way with words and don’t need to escalate a situation to physical force as often as men.Having said this, when a situation demands, they can unleash their internal super human power.“We all have it. It’s important to know when to let is rest and when to make it thunder.”
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  • Asmita Javdekar | 14-Mar-2019
    He was an insomniac.She was a sleepy head.He smiled, watching her while she slept.She smiled back, dreaming about him.
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  • Asmita Javdekar | 11-Mar-2019
    The greys in his hair stood for his experience.The wrinkles on her face reflected her mature grace.They wondered where years seeped through them.In their entwined hands however, lay love.blissfully unaware.forever young.
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  • Knowing You
    Neeti Patel | 17-Dec-2018
    When I say I want to “know you”I want to hear every thought that has crossed your mind, every emotion that has filled your soul!And I’ll promise to be a listener that I never was to anyone else before.
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  • Tea Person
    Neeti Patel | 17-Dec-2018
    He was a ‘Tea-person’ and I was a ‘Coffee fanatic’ and everything was fine; until he said, “I like your coffee now!”
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  • •	The Traditional Vs The Modern Aspect of Literature
    Ankita Kulkarni | 23-Jul-2018
    The era of the most famous authors from Britain such as William Shakespeare, Wordsworth and the Bronte sisters was considered to be the most traditional and classical age of English literature. During this era, the writers would be seen sitting on a faraway hill along a flowing river, looking at the blooming flower or the birds singing softly in the trees, which would inspire and motivate them to come up with sonnets or poems. Others would have experienced such severe traumas in their life that their grief would be expressed through their writings. Social pressures, political feudsand deaths would play a major role in igniting the inner flames of expressions of these writers. Their excerpts would have such deep meanings and soulful words that even after centuries, their works would have an extensive impact on the entire world. Their writings expressed feelings with profound vividness and emotion which created freedom of expression. One of Shakespeare’s most famous dialogue from his play Merchant of Venice, “I
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  • That thing called life!!!
    Jyoti | 23-May-2018
    Life is a very harsh teacher, it takes a test first and then teaches us a lesson which we are very unlikely to forget. What I got to learn in the last couple of years is that life is unpredictable. We all know this but still we keep on procrastinating many things. The people wo died in the morning had plans for the evening and the ones who died in the evening had plans for the next day. We don’t know what will happen next so don’t hold on to grudges, forgive and forget, be kind to everyone and live the moment. Life is too short to be angry. We keep on saying that I will do this thing after that and that thing after this and so on but we don’t know whether that time will come or not. Many a times, we postpone/cancel plans thinking that I will do this later but who knows whether that later will come or not! This lesson is learnt very late in life and then we think of all the things we could have done before. Most of the times we are bitter because life did not go as per our plan/the way we w
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  • Aggressive Book Marketing : How much is too much!
    Sujata Rajpal | 20-May-2018
    Last week at the petrol bunk while I leaned against my car, my eyes fixed on the meter as the guy held the nozzle of the tube to my fuel tank, a car stopped in the parallel lane. The lady on the wheel was a well-known corporate trainer who I follow on the social media. Not wanting to let go of the opportunity to meet the woman in person, I walked over to the other side leaving the fuel tank to the honesty of the petrol guy. I peeped into her window and praised her about her thoughtful posts. It was flattering to learn that she knew about my book.   ‘Ok, nice meeting you, Let me know when you are in Mysore next, would love to meet you,’ I said when the guy gestured me to move my car. ‘But you haven’t bought my book.’ Saying this, she took out a book from a bag kept on the passenger seat. ‘Oh I didn’t know you have written a book,’ I said, embarrassed at my ignorance. She threw a smile at me. ‘Now you know.’ Then she gave me a quick gist of th
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  • Be Kind
    nehapanchamiya | 17-Apr-2018
    You think they're only animals. You believe they don't feel love and pain like us.     The love they share, is real.  The pain of separation they feel, is real.    Be kind.
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  • No regrets. Just numb.
    nehapanchamiya | 17-Apr-2018
    To watch a life leave its body at a time in moment that you determined, is numbing.   To watch a life become lifeless and be carried for burial knowing you were part of the call, is numbing.    To know that you will go back tomorrow and have to make similar decisions again, is numbing.    Numbing, because you cannot be allowed to feel a thing...because if I cry right now, I will not stop, and then how I will I make the right decisions tomorrow again?    For whoever said working with animals is so much fun and called me lucky for being able to follow my passion, days like today, make me want to scowl at them and offer them to wear my shoes, on a day like today.    No regrets. Just numb. 
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  • Happy Women's Day!!!
    Jyoti | 08-Mar-2018
    International Women’s Day is being celebrated today everywhere but is it enough for us females? Women will be made to feel special today, pampered, offered discounts at all the stores and hotels but what after today? I am not against this celebration but I just want women to feel special and safe on all the days and not just one single day! In today’s age, daily we hear and see events which are degrading females, be it at the home front or the workplace. The graph of a women’s life is measured by her marriage, number of kids, her family and not her intelligence, work or promotion. People cannot tolerate women in superior positions and assume that she has used her female powers to reach the position. They cannot believe that she can manage family as well as work both efficiently. Even in the high societies, women are facing these problems. These problems cannot be eradicated until the mindset of our society changes. Even highly educated people can have narrow mindsets and it is very difficu
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