Not everyone you let go is a loss.

By Sonal yakkundi in Daily Musings
Updated 12:34 IST Jul 28, 2019

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Not everyone you let go is a loss.


Yes, Friendships are important. You need friends who brighten your life. Friendship is a two-way relation. Give and take is a perfect formula to maintain it. If your friend gives 50 percent, you should try and give more. But you should NEVER BE emotionally dependent on a friendship. Emotions like attachment, anger and love are temporary.  Such emotions should not affect you.  Some people are not worth your time/emotions and care. 

Yes, the ego is wrong. But you should not lose self-respect and keep someone in life just because you are emotionally dependent on them. Choose yourself, choose self-respect. 

Once you love yourself, people will love you. Hence if you choose self-respect, you will be respected.

May it be a best friend or anyone, NO one is allowed to take you for granted. You don't need

friends who are dominating/selfish or "who needs you coz they are lonely and miserable"

Get the hell out of such toxic relations and be free.  Noone other than your parents /grandparents are real. '


Friends who get influenced by what other people say about you are NOT your friends. They are people who don't have a spine of their own.


We live in a modern world, where everyone needs nothing but love. Be with people who inspire you and help you to grow. The third-party situation in friendships is bullshit. CHOOSE YOURSELF AND LOVE WHO YOU ARE.


"Don't assume toxic friendships as "BFFs". A real friendship is selfless, rare and mature. 

Choose YOU, then people will choose YOU.





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