Boutique solution for requirements of GERMAN of a Foreign Language. Contact for corporate training, classes for adults and children, exam preparation and training, conversational German, language tours and much more.
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It´s your life! Let it inspire everyone around you! By your choices, aspirations, bravery, humility, and unpredictability! read more...
02-Aug-2019 • 660 views
It´s our messes, obsessions, quirks, passions, struggles, differences, and otherness that makes us unique. Marvel in them. Celebrate this uniqueness! read more...
04-Aug-2019 • 649 views
..and probably the most interesting book you will ever read. Marvel at its plot. Allow its serendipity to bowl you over.  And be fascinated by the various characters you meet along the path.  And in chapters that make you cry, remind yourself of these moments. Sweet and sour... read more...
05-Aug-2019 • 664 views
Meadows of spring flowers, vineyards and old country homes, huge old oaks that have seen centuries, creepers that find crevices to take root from and flourish, rainy evenings with cups of hot, spiced tea...... really you can fill it up with anything you wish! Now, how lucky is that! read more...
08-Aug-2019 • 610 views
Poetry, musings, good books, long drives, movies with meanings, impromptu meetings with friends, a stranger locking eyes with you and holding the gaze, rainy days and rainy nights, lush green meadows with yellow mustard fields all around, balloons that soar up in the sky and disappear, paper  lanterns that... read more...
09-Aug-2019 • 667 views
And I have learned to love it. I enjoy trips down memory lane, listening to stories my aunt narrates in her cool, shaded balcony amidst cups of hot tea and crumpets. I don't get upset if my maid turns up late or not at all. I don't hesitate... read more...
10-Aug-2019 • 718 views
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