It´s my life!

By LanguageCafe in Daily Musings
Updated 11:45 IST Aug 10, 2019

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And I have learned to love it. I enjoy trips down memory lane, listening to stories my aunt narrates in her cool, shaded balcony amidst cups of hot tea and crumpets. I don't get upset if my maid turns up late or not at all. I don't hesitate to give her an advance, even if the month has just begun. No more haggling with fruit and vegetable vendors and with auto drivers. No more judgment and no more opinions. I don't have to explain anything to anyone. If someone feels I am wrong, I just smile. Maybe they are right. Maybe not. How does it matter? 

My inner beauty reflects more of me without me having to say a word. My happiness is my business and I am busy minding it. 

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