A Walk Down The Memory Lane

By Jyoti in Daily Musings
Updated 11:31 IST May 03, 2017

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Life used to be so simple a few years back…

We had to attend the school, pass the exams with good grades to have a successful career and be content with mundane things. But those were the times we used to think of growing up. Who would have thought, it was best not to grow up!

Vacations were spent playing with friends, visiting cousins and doing stuff which, when I think of now, feels stupid. There were no smart phones, laptops and other gadgets without which I feel handicapped now! But still we were happy, content and slept soundly at night.

When did we grew up from being innocent children to tactful adults? At present we have so many devices to make our lives convenient but nothing can bring back our childhood and the associated memories which bring a smile to our faces even today.


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