Let's celebrate the difference...

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Updated 22:05 IST Mar 09, 2017

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We celebrated Womens Day yesterday - which in today's world means exchanging messages on wts-up, social media, etc. about how we are a superior lot, why should we not be suppressed, why we deserve equality... In addition we have celebrations @ work, special treatment for us at office, restaurants, shopping discounts n all....One day to celebrate being a Women!!!

All of this put me into thinking. What exactly do we want? Do we want the world to consider us equal to Men? Do we want the world to recognise the so called sacrifices we make as a Daughter, Wife, Daughter-in-law, Mother...Do we want the world to recognise that we are special as we can give birth to a child...Are we expecting special treat or are we expecting to be treated as equals? What exactly do we want??? Are we Equal, are we Superior, are we Weak???

Why can't we just accept who we are? If the Creator wanted Men and Women to be equal, why would have he created 2 genders: male and female...The fact that there exists 2 genders, means the two of us are created to be different, we are meant to have different qualities, abilities, structures, emotions, feelings...

It's high time we celebrate the difference... 

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TheLostBronteSister 25-Mar-2017 03:01

Please tag this with #kalamequality, to get considered for write up of the month, and eventually 'Best of kalamwali 2017'.

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