The Best Woman in the House

By Raveena Warkad in Poems » Long
Updated 21:04 IST Mar 10, 2017

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My grandmother,
Always praised my mother.
For being the best wife.
The ideal one her son could ever find.
She cooked for her husband,
Even at midnight.
When he would come,
All trembling with
intentions to harm her badly
That night.
My mother!
Would still be forgiving,
Would not raise her voice,
Because that is how she was supposed to be.
The ideal daughter.
The ideal wife.
Feeding her husband was the most important job of her life.
Doesn't matter,
If she was sleep deprived,
Or had sorrowful eyes.
She was not well,
Feeding her husband was the most important job of her life.

Her work came later,
Family's wishes formed the most important part of her life.
Because empowerment for a woman doesn't mean,
To let her be, the way she is.
To let her decide how her life she wants to lead.
She wants to reach the sky,
Or touch the stars maybe.
But empowerment for her is
Being Permitted by her Husband,
To go out and work only where he wants
Her to work. Quietly.
And earn a little less than what he earns
For himself and his family.
They say, "She is Educated and Empowered.
Still places her family before everything.
She does it all,
Her sacrifices are many.
And yet never talks about herself with pride."

My Aunt,
Is 'The most disliked'
Daughter-in-law of the family.
Not Well - Educated,
Doesn't work,
Depends on her husband's
Money all the time.
She raises her voice.
Whenever, Wherever
she sees injustice.
She stands for herself.
She fights for my mother,
Even when my mother keeps quiet.
But she is not empowered,
She is the most dependent person
My family thinks they have ever seen in their life.

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