The chromosome mishap

By Priyanshi Banerjee in Poems » Long
Updated 16:27 IST Mar 08, 2017

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Came from the rib of Adam the ‘XX’,

To join Adam and his life’s annex.

She served company to the man- Adam,

but later considered a possession of venom!

The tables turned right from times immemorial,

She was considered not equal but menial.

And the day she boarded the bus,

The men turned to evils- venomous!

That night her dignity was strangulated,

But the dress of the victim- society anticipated.

To give her a hand no one came over,

Now in shame, their heads bend lower.

The day the wedding bells set off,

That day her sweet name took off.

When the events past that eve,

When her home she had to leave.

She was told to forget her formers,

The very next moment she bothers.

About the past she bid adieu,

About the life laid down all new.

Beads of perspiration rolled down,

Soon settled on head- chores’ crown!

No longer shall she be a victim of your demands

She is not born to bear your adamant commands

She will no longer be drunk in monotony,

She questions the society’s bias anatomy.

Why is she subjected to all allegations?

Why part us for mere traditions?

Why does the widower receive all sympathy?

Why does the widow receive all taunts and pity?

The stitches on her mouth have left her lips,

Now she shall venture into the highest cliffs!

I pity those who think she belongs to the hearth,

Or think that she can only give birth!

She wants the cost of the tears she wept,

For the hearth is where the knives are kept!

To be strong, tough and powerful, you need no moustache,

The skyscrapers are approaching her, don’t bind her with the Ranch!

Don’t be the reason for her shattered dreams,

Help her while her dreams she redeems.


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