By Raveena Warkad in Poems
Updated 18:17 IST Mar 05, 2017

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Those demons have grown old with me.
Along with my age,
With every breath.

When puberty hit me,
I knew exactly what to do.
Mumma became my guide.
Aunty narrated her first menstrual story.
And grandma!
She explained me a new set of rules.

But when demons did;
A loud mind, blurred vision,
And rapid heart beat,
My only assets.

Sitting in a corner,
Wrapped myself up,
In my own arms.
Because demons,
were meant
to be dealt with.
All on my own.

With my body's changing shape,
The demons moulded and unmoulded
Themselves too.
As my bones got thicker,
The demons grew stronger too.
They were a part,
An invincible part,
I could conquer for moments,
And put myself to sleep.
Tomorrow would be a similar story.

And today,
When I have come far, far, far away.
From everything.
Everything that got those demons in my life,
are just stories,
That were once a part of my life.

It is still a restless mind,
Struggling for peace.
A scared soul,
Unaware of bliss.

All frightened wakes up, to the sound of a breeze.

Mother was wrong.
It wasn't puberty to reset the body clock.
Those were the demons that didn't let me sleep.

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