Love is maintainance

By dietician Rama Talak in Daily Musings
Updated 23:37 IST Feb 14, 2018

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Valentine’s day, the day of love so why not celebrate our love with whom we never break up. They always have our heart and our heart is filled with its thoughts- right it is none other than our dearest food.

Even a thought of food brings a smile on each and every individuals face. If think we actually have a particular food item for every occasion happy or sad.

From colostrum to the last sip of water, food actually accompanies us throughout our journey of life .Depending on the place and the religion we are born in our food culture varies, but it does not differ .The food culture is basically dependant on area , its climatic conditions… but the reasoning remains almost the same. In case of Indian as far I know every food ritual is based on science and facts.

Every relationship has ups and downs but this one has the least .

Just like the secret to  maintain any relation is to strike a balance , similarly we need to strike a balance in our plate. In a relation both partners are equally important and have their own significant roles likewise in our plate both cereals and veggies cannot be eliminated .  The elders in our family are always their to protect us when we fall , similar are the proteins all time ready.

So this valentine’s day let us not run away from our first love but start balancing and learn the art of maintenance.

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