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  • Prashant Trivedi | 02-Jan-2018
    one day I was just sitting in my room with my depressed feelings and thoughts. suddenly I heard a voice saying"write it down right now if don't do it right now then you will not be able to come out from all this". The stimulation immediately hit my brain by the help neurons. And I heard second voice saying "come we are here on your working table, we are ready to help you". The voice was of a blank sheet of paper and of a simple clicking pen. I placed my chair in comfortable position and started writing down. Writing down all those things which no one will understand how actually I was feeling and what is all revolving around my life.  But that day I realized one thing, on this planet two non living things are there to understand me and my feelings these thing were the title of my experience 'pen' & 'paper'. No matter whether is it a hardcopy or a softcopy. From that day onwards whenever I feel sad or whatever was revolving in my head I share with my friends whom I met, in my childhood but I recogn
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  • Prashant Trivedi | 24-Jan-2018
    Yeah!!!! It's right no one cheers for single in this selfish world. But today I will try to prove it wrong through one of my life incident. There was a boy full of sincerity, punctuality, responsibility taker and not a cute but good boy. He was a average student. He always try to engage himself in his own world of thinking and creativity. "But things changes in seconds but for him it was milliseconds'. One day he met a girl although he was a shy guy and was not much interested in talking with girls but that girl was different. Without knowing the future result of this friendship which was full of hardship for him to forget her later on, he start talking with her she also did the same. At one moment they were good friends but what that girl think he didn't knew at all. But remember one thing "as the time changes and a person starts to meet new people he/she starts to forget less important people and also.start to refresh there brain". The boy left all alone she met someone else. He tried to come back in wo
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  • Prashant Trivedi | 12-Feb-2018
    Sometimes too much caring can be disastrous for a person. People only want to satisfy themselves they do not take care of interest of other person or how he is reacting and how much he is caring...... "The much you care double of it will hurt you". One day the person will react like an stranger who once use to be a good friend of yours.  They don't try to understand the feelings of other they only want that their need should be fulfilled when you are in friendship with that person. Once the motive or objective is achieved they will forget your kindness towards them, how much you care for them, the help which provided to them, everything they will forget including you. They will not see how much you cared,  your honesty towards them ,how much you well behaved with that person and how much respected that person........  
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  • Prashant Trivedi | 13-May-2018
    When you want to talk to someone and you can't is the worst feeling ever..... 'Sometimes it can be dangerous to respect and trust someone' Here is a small story of a boy and was badly restricted to talk to her....... One day a true boy confessed one thing to her and was refused. And she started making him feel that he is guilty and done wrong and a start judging him like a bad person.......... but he was not at all. He respect her very much and cared but still......... And he was restricted to talk to her forever even when he saw her 4-5 times in a week but he can't do nothing because 'he was not a shameless boy and not a misbehaving boy'. 'So never go too deep because it is very hard to come out when you have not done anything wrong with a special person' . Be careful and try not be restricted to talk because once you restricted you cannot do nothing....
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  • Prashant Trivedi | 01-Jun-2018
    "Life teach's you lessons but when life starts teaching you lessons at very early age, its breaks the person but on the other hand it also makes the person more stronger to face the future challenges"
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  • Prashant Trivedi | 01-Oct-2018
    One day my heart asked one question to my mind......saying Q-Which type of sadness cannot be explained? Mind answered after sometime..... Mind says..... Ans- sadness which can never be explained is which you get from your peer(friends). When a friend breaks your trust whom you trusted the most, ditch you and hurts you and they think they are smart enough that they will be easily able to hide from you, what they are doing behind you......... So, be careful while making friends because it hurts very deeply later on when they show their other side.
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