Restricted to talk

By Prashant Trivedi in Stories » Short
Updated 00:20 IST May 13, 2018

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When you want to talk to someone and you can't is the worst feeling ever.....

'Sometimes it can be dangerous to respect and trust someone'

Here is a small story of a boy and was badly restricted to talk to her.......

One day a true boy confessed one thing to her and was refused. And she started making him feel that he is guilty and done wrong and a start judging him like a bad person.......... but he was not at all. He respect her very much and cared but still.........

And he was restricted to talk to her forever even when he saw her 4-5 times in a week but he can't do nothing because 'he was not a shameless boy and not a misbehaving boy'. 'So never go too deep because it is very hard to come out when you have not done anything wrong with a special person' . Be careful and try not be restricted to talk because once you restricted you cannot do nothing....

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