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By Prashant Trivedi in Experiences
Updated 22:35 IST Jan 24, 2018

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Yeah!!!! It's right no one cheers for single in this selfish world. But today I will try to prove it wrong through one of my life incident.

There was a boy full of sincerity, punctuality, responsibility taker and not a cute but good boy. He was a average student. He always try to engage himself in his own world of thinking and creativity.

"But things changes in seconds but for him it was milliseconds'.

One day he met a girl although he was a shy guy and was not much interested in talking with girls but that girl was different. Without knowing the future result of this friendship which was full of hardship for him to forget her later on, he start talking with her she also did the same. At one moment they were good friends but what that girl think he didn't knew at all. But remember one thing "as the time changes and a person starts to meet new people he/she starts to forget less important people and also.start to refresh there brain".

The boy left all alone she met someone else. He tried to come back in world but this time he was failed "how a person change a person in seconds"

Now he started feeling and able to see the real reality of this selfish world..

He made his own way to walk and to achieve success and tried hard to forget that face which once he  use to see every night before sleeping but he was failing again and again in this task of life......

At the end he maked sure to himself that he will get success in professional life but will not be able to forgot those beautiful memories in his personal life..

He proved singles are also cheerfull....

"They do not need such a realtionship which is meant for some mean".....

"Because been in relationship which is meant for some mean for other the person it is good to be "cheerfull single"".............

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