Diabetes- the silent killer

By dietician Rama Talak in Health & Wellness
Updated 15:14 IST Jun 30, 2018

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With India getting on the second position as a diabetic country, diabetes care has become mandatory.

A proper care of the diabetic individuals is not only necessary but the preventive care of their family is even more a priority.

Diabetes mellitus is family of two siblings. The elder one appears genetically, mostly detected in a young age whereas the younger one enters human life at later stage. With time passing by, these siblings have even modified their qualities and we have something known as LADA- latent acquired diabetes in adults & MODY- maturity onset diabetes in young. They have a fair deal amongst themselves once a human is approached by either of them, the other sibling would not interfere in the business. But both of them share a common team. Once they get settled in the human body as per convenience they call their team i.e. the bad cholesterol, ketones and their BFF fat.

And this is scary!!! Literally a group of thieves all set to rob us :-(…..

And to top it all their favourites are we the Indians.

So now what???

Let’s get along and shoo them away from our bodies and our country. Let us make

 India – the diabetes killer

This looks like a complete dream, but surely an achievable oneJ. Now that we have dreamt it, time to get in action. Of course all those who have been previously attacked cannot get free from diabetes but can surely stop their team from entering.

Here comes my favourite question “HOW????” how do we prevent the team and worst how do we protect ourselves from these siblings…

Regular blood check-ups as this team does give an intimation of their arrival.

Once you get an intimation that is you enter the pre diabetic / pre hypertensive phase, one has to get alarmed. Along with a doctor a team is mandatory , just like diabetes has its own team even a doctor has a team which needs to be approached , i.e. the dietician , the pathologist, the endocrinologist and your family doctor . If this team works together then there is a high possibility that you don’t get back from the pre phase to the normal.

Apart from this we Indians also have a pitara of knowledge that we leave behind under the pretext of modernisation

  • Yoga
  • 5 methi seeds early morning
  • A glass of milk with a teaspoon of ghee/coconut oil immediately after you get up.
  • 2 fruits in a day preferably a combination of citrus fruit (orange , sweet lime, grape fruit..) and other fruit(apple ,papaya, pineapple..)
  • Reduce sugar consumption especially in tea / coffee (that is something we consume frequently). Avoid fruit juices, milk shakes.
  • Start your meals with proteins (dal, sprouts, buttermilk, egg, meat) followed by veggiies along with our favourite carbs.
  • Yes carbs are our favourites and they will always remain and let them remain but along with them, their team should not be left behind.
  • Green tea or green coffees are sure healthy alternatives.(preferable consumption after meal.)

And most importantly please do not perform any stunts, as body parts are irreplaceable. Please consult a certified dietician before modifying your diets.




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