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    Dietician | 24-Oct-2017
    And as Diwali comes to an end … reminding people of their health Diwali – a week full of Feasting .This is the time everybody eats heart fully and then  with the end of Diwali comes the realisation of  unhealthy overeating  for which we convince ourselves with the answer that it was not our Fault , we ate because others forced .. Really was it not our fault?? Now the heart starts accepting that yes it was our mistake and here comes the phase of Guilty. This is the worst , it either leads to over eating or fasting , both ways troubling our body . So Now what we have already over loaded our Body?? Simple, let’s give it some rest .Here rest does not mean sleeping but helping our body use the excess fuel  how is that?? For this Lets get back to our basic , start exercising . The easiest 15 minutes of Brisk walk in your own house will also do ,  but make it a point that it is a BRISK WALK  or  even our traditional Surya Namaskar (10). Along with this eve
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  • Dietician | 07-Jan-2018
    To start with a very Happy and healthy new year to all. Intentionally or not now a days every one you meet speaks about health and diet. Just a few years back, diet was something which was followed, only when somebody was ill. But today it is a common thing for most people to be on some diet or the other. The reason could be traced back to the trend of having a perfect body figure. So, came the era of Gym, where going to the gym and getting a specialized diet plan was something special. Now, with the entry of search engines like Google and phones loaded with high tech app you can get any diet plan you want at your fingertips. But is this method really trustworthy?? Factually No. There could be people who havebenefited by the diet plans, but you never know what exactly they did. Basically, any diet plan is  a trial and error process to  exactly suit the needs of an individual but if you go to a proper dietician, at least the number of errors is sure to reduce and there is someone who knows the s
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  • Diabetes- the silent killer
    Dietician | 24-Jan-2018
    With India getting on the second position as a diabetic country, diabetes care has become mandatory. A proper care of the diabetic individuals is not only necessary but the preventive care of their family is even more a priority. Diabetes mellitus is family of two siblings. The elder one appears genetically, mostly detected in a young age whereas the younger one enters human life at later stage. With time passing by, these siblings have even modified their qualities and we have something known as LADA- latent acquired diabetes in adults & MODY- maturity onset diabetes in young. They have a fair deal amongst themselves once a human is approached by either of them, the other sibling would not interfere in the business. But both of them share a common team. Once they get settled in the human body as per convenience they call their team i.e. the bad cholesterol, ketones and their BFF fat. And this is scary!!! Literally a group of thieves all set to rob us :-(….. And to top it all their favourites a
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  • Love is maintainance
    Dietician | 14-Feb-2018
    Valentine’s day, the day of love so why not celebrate our love with whom we never break up. They always have our heart and our heart is filled with its thoughts- right it is none other than our dearest food. Even a thought of food brings a smile on each and every individuals face. If think we actually have a particular food item for every occasion happy or sad. From colostrum to the last sip of water, food actually accompanies us throughout our journey of life .Depending on the place and the religion we are born in our food culture varies, but it does not differ .The food culture is basically dependant on area , its climatic conditions… but the reasoning remains almost the same. In case of Indian as far I know every food ritual is based on science and facts. Every relationship has ups and downs but this one has the least . Just like the secret to  maintain any relation is to strike a balance , similarly we need to strike a balance in our plate. In a relation both partners are equally imp
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  • Holi hai
    Dietician | 02-Mar-2018
     Holi is one of the festivals significantly related to human nature . The night of holi we have holikadahan which is nothing but getting rid of the evils overpowering our sense .The next day i. e dhulivandan or 5 days later rang panchmi we get colour, in short give a fresh start , a new beginning . An empty page is always blank , the time we start filling colours is when we start decorating it and whenever it goes wrong we simply tear the page . Life also goes with a similar motto. Colours are one of those things in life which, completely overpower us and we never complain. Just a simple change in colour , completely  changes our thought .  They are the best healers for any and every pain. Each colour plays a specific role in our life.  May be that is why  even celebrate with colours. We are so dependent on colours . Although now a days we like to click monochrome , black and white pictures but ,that is after we have umpteen number of colourful images. From environment to te
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  • Rang barasne do - don't let the colours go out of your life
    Dietician | 06-Mar-2018
    Hola , another day of colours is here  rangpanchami .  Colours are so much fun. In this life of stress colours in our environment soothe just like antioxidants do in food. Antioxidants are a necessity in the 21st century. we are not metals to rust then why do we need antioxidants ? But we are humans exposed to pollution, global warming , U.V. rays and blah blah. With my favourite question NOW WHAT ? The answer is simple colours. In case of foods we find maximum amount of colours in fruits and vegetables. But I don’t like to , I cant afford  for all the people with such excuses the answer is simple do you like medicines , are all the medicines so cheap ? In vegetables also each colour has its own importance: Red colour fruits and veggeis-   carotene, vitamin a , lycopene. Yellow colour fruits and veggeis- vitamin c, flavonoids Red grapes , pomegranate- resveratrol Green leafy vegetables- carotenoid lutein White colour vegetables, mushroom – poly phenols Blue and p
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  • Storage is important …. Oh really
    Dietician | 08-Jun-2018
    As a dietician, I would never recommend a person to follow a very low calorie diet pattern . But after my internship under Dr Shah,I can surely say there is no harm in using very low calorie diet patterns. Very low calorie diet pattern is basically consuming much less calorie compared to what you burn. The important part here is using your storage.When we have sufficient storage let us use it rather than waiting for some crisis to happen.            Human bodies are really smart, but at times they start acting over smart.This is the time where experts come in the picture.  The logic is simple if a dam get filled up we have to open the windows and let the water flow, else it will break the walls of the dam. This makes the situation of crisis instead of saving from crisis. Similar is the case with obese people.  Obesity may or may not be a disease by itself but it surely brings along various diseases i.e. comorbidities. As mentioned earlier human body is smart it s
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  • Snacking can be healthy
    Dietician | 04-Jul-2018
    Snack times are the ones where we tend to commit to indulgences. But it is not our mistake, we are really hungry and then whatever comes in front is gulped. This is time where we have hardly any capacity to think all that our body needs is food. As a result of this snacks is equated with junk food. Snacking is a need which can be healthy.  So some simple tricks to prevent wrong eating: Always keep some fluid handy. It could be some sherbet, green tea, ice tea or even the all-time favourite chai. This will keep you hydrated and you will be able to control your hunger pangs Try to carry a fruit along with you. As per Ayurveda you are not supposed to consume fruits at night, but you can surely consume it in the evening. Now something chatpata, because snack time is meant for that. Why not a handful of crispy flaxseed with some yummy tandoor flavour. A hot steam idli or dhokla if you make in the morning, just heat it and there you are. Apple, jack fruit, guava, can be cut finely and baked i
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  • Healthy foundation of LIFE
    Dietician | 11-Aug-2018
    The first step sets up the base , is the foundation. If the first step is taken in the right direction takes you to the right destination. In case of our lives the first step towards healthy life is healthy diet. Healthy diet is not just fruits, vegetables, cereals blah. But the first step is the most important. The best start to life is breast feeding. Yes, breast feeding is the most important part of healthy nutrition. There are many mothers now a day who do opt for breast feeding but miss on the “GOLDEN HOUR”. The golden hour is the immediate 1 hour post-delivery. This is the most important hour in  baby’s and mother’s life. This time the baby should spend with the mother first and then the rest of the relatives. Although all the relatives are super excited and waiting to see the baby, the baby should be first handed over to the mother for it to be fed. Once the baby is given colostrum, it is all set to interact with his/her family.  It then becomes easier for the bab
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  • Dietician | 17-Mar-2019
    Food is not Good or Bad , It is you who  makes  it Healthy or Crap ;-)
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