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By dietician Rama Talak in Experiences
Updated 02:06 IST Sep 04, 2018

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As a dietician, I would never recommend a person to follow a very low calorie diet pattern .

But after my internship under Dr Shah,I can surely say there is no harm in using very low calorie diet patterns.

Very low calorie diet pattern is basically consuming much less calorie compared to what you burn.

The important part here is using your storage.When we have sufficient storage let us use it rather than waiting for some crisis to happen.         

  Human bodies are really smart, but at times they start acting over smart.This is the time where experts come in the picture.  The logic is simple if a dam get filled up we have to open the windows and let the water flow, else it will break the walls of the dam. This makes the situation of crisis instead of saving from crisis.

Similar is the case with obese people.  Obesity may or may not be a disease by itself but it surely brings along various diseases i.e. comorbidities.

As mentioned earlier human body is smart it starts fighting the co morbidities on its own but then one fine it realises that things are going out of control. This is the time we start feeling the symptoms. But then that is too late.

So what can we do, identify simple clues given by the body. Don’t get hyper with small changes but don’t neglect them as well. Keep a track of your body and your food. Try to relate them , balance them and go ahead.

 I will not recommend any one to compromise with taste or health, now what???

Simplest start burning in other word starts using your storage.  But it is not that easy to follow as easy to state.  

So here some simple changes that  can be made easily 

simple changes rather than creamy pasta why not a cold pasta salad or may be pasta loaded with veggies rather than the cream. 

Go for a some fluid between the meals

Eat fruits  during the day time 

Relish on chocolates but the dark ones  

Replace all the tea  during the day except the morning tea with black tea or may be green tea 

A bhakri for chapati atleast for  meal .

May be it wouldnot be as good as eating the original creamy pasta but it would surely solve the purpose of preventing the increase in storage.

Along with reducing the storage we should also follow ways to decrease it. For this purpose there is nothing better than exercise.

It is said that if particular thing is done regularly for 15 days, then it becomes a habit. So we can say it is just a matter of giving it a kick start. Once you train your body to eat less, slowly your appetite does decrease.

Simple modifications are sure to help.

The target should never be going back to the previous stage after a generous weight loss, but being happy about the change and maintaining it.

May be or rather surely after a certain weight loss you will not reduce significantly a plateau will come. This is the time we should be happy because our body has achieved its goals, Okay it is not burning, staying still.   

This does not mean that you need to increase your exercise but it means your body has got accustomed so just  give it time and then no one can stop wonder.

Ps : Never forget zero figure is not the ideal figure .

All the best for your journey toward your healthy weight!!!


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