Madhura Bilimogga

    Madhura Bilimogga | 05-Jun-2018
    It is that time of the year when young students of 10th and 12th will get to know their results. It is that time of the year when,even people, who rarely talk to you will be curious to know  about your results. I know how it feels. But don’t let anyone’s reactions affect you. I was scared when I was eagerly waiting for my 10th std results. I wasn’t really happy.I scored 78.67% in 10th std. I wasn’t happy. Because at the back of my mind, I knew that I hadn’t given my best. But then again I also knew that there is no point in regretting now. Before the results were declared, I decided to do follow some things to take the right decision for myself.  As you still have time for admission process to begin ,make sure you read and implement this. Here’s what I did:1. Take a deep breath. Be calm.The scores are surely important for getting into good colleges but not at the cost of harming your self-esteem. It is okay if you haven’t scored the kind of marks you had ex
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