Snacking can be healthy

By dietician Rama Talak in Health & Wellness
Updated 17:24 IST Jul 04, 2018

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Snack times are the ones where we tend to commit to indulgences. But it is not our mistake, we are really hungry and then whatever comes in front is gulped. This is time where we have hardly any capacity to think all that our body needs is food. As a result of this snacks is equated with junk food. Snacking is a need which can be healthy. 

So some simple tricks to prevent wrong eating:

  1. Always keep some fluid handy. It could be some sherbet, green tea, ice tea or even the all-time favourite chai.

This will keep you hydrated and you will be able to control your hunger pangs

  1. Try to carry a fruit along with you. As per Ayurveda you are not supposed to consume fruits at night, but you can surely consume it in the evening.

Now something chatpata, because snack time is meant for that.

  1. Why not a handful of crispy flaxseed with some yummy tandoor flavour.
  2. A hot steam idli or dhokla if you make in the morning, just heat it and there you are.
  3. Apple, jack fruit, guava, can be cut finely and baked in the oven. These chips can be easily stored for a month.
  4. A tasty bowl of bhel , upto indivisual whether to go for sprout bhel or a normal bhel.

All that has to be kept in mind is less amount farsan & more amount of the rest.

  1. How about a yummy plate of pani puri?? Yes it is a healthy option. Simply make it at home. Instead of boondi use some steamed spouted moong.
  2. A cup of hot tea with some pakoda .Now this is something we are always up for.

Here the question arises pakoda healthy???  Simple add some ajwain in the pakoda flour, and have vegetable pakoda than potato one. We surely can adjust this much.

  1. Even a hot Frankie is a good choice. If you are ordering better go for whole wheat .

The last one if you are a real enthusiast and a good cook.

  1. Usually we do have a chapatti left over so , one can make a vegetable samosa out of it.
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