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19. MR. R




            Apocalypse is at his hideout sitting on a round table with his gang members and he says, “We all know how much it is importance that JSF is dead and when they are we rule the City, yes, many others will stand up but when JSF is gone, the City come down on its knees, the cops, police and Military will be nothing in front of us. Behold,



            Apocalypse looks at Roy and says, “We have issues of trust and faith, Roy, I hope they are solved after you have told Rihaan and others what happened really that night.”

            Roy says, “You feed them lies, I don’t want to be dead like you later.”

            Apocalypse says, “Dead!!! You know what that means; you don’t have any confidence in me or the team here.”

            Surgeon comes at him and says, “You know, Roy, you are scared to die…”

            Roy says, “Maybe!!!”

            Surgeon says, “Coward!!!”

            Roy punches Surgeon and leaves the base.

            Surgeon gets up and says, “If JSF doesn’t kill him, I will.”

            Apocalypse then gathers his men from all over the City and brings advanced weaponry.


            Rihaan is at the base fixing the R-TRON and Tanya comes and says, “You got a minute?”

            Rihaan says, “Ya.”

            Tanya says, “Ujwal Naik told you that day about some facility that is being made for criminals like Apocalypse and his gang, he may not allow us to kill them and I know Apocalypse, he wouldn’t stay there for long.”

            Rihaan says, “You are right, it is called, ‘The Fort’ actually, Ujwal Naik follows the rule that I had years ago before Jeet died, just to punish people and put them in jail, he just wants the City clean for some days or months or years.”

            Tanya says, “I hope so. So?”

            Rihaan says, “We follow the old rule then.”


At night,

Ujwal Naik is at his office and lights go off in his cabin and when they come back up, Mr. R is sitting on the chair.

            Ujwal Naik says, “You!!!”

            Mr. R says, “That one syllable kills me, cop!!!”

            Ujwal Naik says, “Your team did handle the cat thing nicely, I should say.”

            Mr. R says, “Ya, they did, I wanted to know about the Fort, as the cops and military are supporting us, I should know, right.”

            Ujwal Naik says, “Yes, the Fort location is far off from this City and you, me the Patriot (Suraj) and the President has the access to this facility and it has high security.”

            Mr. R says, “It better hold people like Apocalypse and his gang.”

            Ujwal Naik says, “The gang has a name now, R!!”

            Mr. R looks at Ujwal Naik and Ujwal Naik says, “THE CRUEL FACTION!!!”

             Mr. R tells Ujwal Naik to gather his force; he will be soon finding the Cruel Faction.

            Mr. R sits on his bike and says, “The Cruel Faction, nice name!!!”


Lynx and Roy are at the base and they are talking and Lynx says, “We might have a great thing going, Roy!!! If we win, we can be together.”

            Roy says, “Yes. Doesn’t Apocalypse like you?”

            Lynx says, “He likes take fun of the woman’s body by pleasure of force, I, want someone who respects me in a whole.”

            Roy says, “Do I respect you that way?”

            Lynx comes close and kisses him and says, “Did you get the answer to your question…”

            Roy smiles at her.


            Rihaan is at the base and he looks at his knives and Saina comes there and says, “So, there is a war happening.”

            Rihaan says, “There is, listen, after this all ends, there are various crimes happening in various parts of the nation, I don’t want do this, but leave the City when the war ends and help those people.”

            Saina says, “What if we don’t want to go?”

            Rihaan says, “I also don’t you want all to go, but the nation needs you, it needs their invisible force.”

            Saina hugs Rihaan.


            Tanya and Danny are at the house and Tanya says, “How is Rihaan as a dad?”

            Danny says, “Nice question, at least I never saw him as a Dad, he was like a close friend to me, after the experiment, people at school ran off, sometimes, I had to ran off and then Rihaan taught me and trained me, he is a great friend to be with and fight besides him is a great thing.”

            Tanya says, “Alright.”


            Danny is seen using the Phantom Software to find the Cruel Faction and he sees Surgeon via satellite and he calls Rihaan and Saina home.

            Danny says, “I found them.”

            Rihaan says, “Where?”

            Danny says, “Mountain ranges, and they have a base there, looks like they are gathering men for the attack.”

            Rihaan says, “They have a gang and we also have a gang.”

            He then texts Ujwal Naik the location of the base and JSF head back to base to gear up.

            Danny is at the base and he says, “Alright, what are we fighting, a maniac, a mercenary, a ninja, two monsters and douche bag evil doctor and an army.”

            Saina says, “Ya.”

            Rihaan looks at R-TRON for a while.


            Apocalypse is with the Cruel Faction with his army and many Bulldog androids are lined up and says, “Listen to me, this City has its Protectors to defend them, they are the hope and faith of the City, the City is nothing without them, nothing, we are here to destroy the City, I am.”

            A voice comes, “Dhruv ‘Jerk’ Jaiswal.”

            Apocalypse says, “That is not my name.”


            He looks on and it is JSF, Mr. R, Angel, Black Rose, Raptor, Melisa and Leo.


            Raptor says, “Okay, not jerk, how about Asshole?”

            Apocalypse says, “You all made a big mistake coming here.”

            Mr. R says, “No, you made a mistake going against us.”

            Apocalypse says, “I have an army.”

            Mr. R looks at them and he then looks at Roy and he loads his gun and Mr. R says, “Remember, remember, the 5th of November, the gunpowder, the treason and plot… I have an army too, jerk.”

            The door opens, military and police show up and Ujwal Naik is inside an R-TRON and Mr. R says, “What happened, scared?”

            Apocalypse says, “No, was imagining you and your team’s funeral, let us make it real.”

            Angel says, “Bring them down.”

            The fights start….


-       Apocalypse vs Mr. R.


-       Angel and Melisa vs Lynx and Roy.


-       Leo vs Raka.


-       Raptor vs Surgeon.


-       Black Rose vs Black Dragon


Ujwal Naik is seen using the R-TRON and fighting Bulldog and the police are fighting the henchmen…..       



  1. R-




            At the mountains base of the Cruel Faction, there is a huge war going on.

            Mr. R goes against Apocalypse and he is having a gruesome battle with each other and Apocalypse says, “You cannot kill me, R?”

            Mr. R says, “You are dying today…”

            He throws some knives at him and Apocalypse dodges them and kicks him.

            Black Rose is fighting Black Dragon and BR says, “You didn’t feel ashamed for a while when you betrayed your brother?”

            Black Dragon says, “I felt for a second, but didn’t feel anything after that.”

            Lynx is fighting Melisa and Melisa is firing laser using her eyes and Lynx uses her quick reflexes and attacks Lynx using her guns.

            Raptor and Surgeon are fighting outside the base and Raptor turns steel and attacks him and Surgeon uses his knives to battle him.

            Raka is seen flying in the base attacking the officers and Leo sees this and goes on a height and jumps on Raka and they are fighting in mid-air.

            Roy is fighting Angel and he says, “I guess you must have forgiven me after knowing the truth.”

            Angel says, “Hell no, Roy, you could have stopped him too from what he did to me, but, no, you had to provoke him.”

            Roy continues to fight.

            Apocalypse then throws Mr. R inside a cage like and removes a huge gun and looks at Ujwal Naik who is inside the R-TRON and he starts firing at him and R-TRON removes  a shield and defends the bullets and Apocalypse goes closer and throws some grenades at it and R-TRON gets hit but no damage is caused.

            Mr. R breaks the cage and attacks Apocalypse back.

            Bulldog comes at R-TRON and starts firing again and Leo sees this and as he is fighting in air, he crashes with Raka on Bulldog exploding him.

            Raka gets up and Leo increases his strength and beats him bad. Raka gets in air again and hits a wind attack and Leo then roars on and replies the attack.

            Melisa is seen firing lasers at Lynx and Lynx says, “I know your weakness, Melisa.”

            Lynx then sees oil barrels and throws oil on her and on the ground and puts fire on it and Melisa gets scared for a while and then keeps firing lasers and then raises a piece of steel container in air and throws it at Lynx and she gets injured.

            Lynx gets back up and attacks and they get engaged in hand combat.


            Mr. R then feels weak and Apocalypse takes the advantage beats him blue and black and tries breaking the mask of Mr. R and Apocalypse says, “What you thought, you will bring an army here and we will have a huge grudge match and I will die at the end, the ending will be different, hero.”

            Apocalypse sees a sledgehammer and stands on Mr. R and Apocalypse says, “Now, die.”

            Just then, a ninja disk comes and hits him and Apocalypse says, “Who did that?”

            Mr. R looks and White Dragon is there and he says, “I am back.”


            White Dragon then comes and kicks Apocalypse and Mr. R says, “How?”

            White Dragon says, “Saisha, she ordered me to help you guys, if I don’t she will leave me, I cannot leave such a beautiful woman.”

            Saisha from base says, “What?”

            White Dragons says, “Sorry, I meant to say girl!!!”

            White Dragon goes at Roy and Roy says, “What are doing here?”

            White Dragon says, “My break is over.”


            He helps Angel against Roy.

            Surgeon outside the base attacks Raptor and sees a grenade nearby and throws it at Raptor and Raptor survives the blast and kicks Surgeon and he gets back and starts running and Raptor says, “Idiot…”

Raptor throws a rope and pulls Surgeon back and hangs him upside down.

            Raka then breaks the roof of the base while flying and Leo jumps high again and climbs on Raka and Raka tries dropping him and they crash again, Leo then punches him and Raka tries to fly back and this time, Leo catches him by the wing and breaks one of the wings.

            Raka looks at Leo and Leo says, “Your time is up, animal!!!”

Leo then punches Raka and he falls on the ground unconscious.

              White Dragon then leaves Angel with Roy and he goes to help Black Rose when he sees his brother is beating her badly and White Dragon says, “Hey, want to try me?”

             Black Dragon opens his eye patch and White Dragon sees this and Black Dragon says, “You will pay for this with your death, brother.”

            They draw swords and have a lot of rallies between them and White Dragon says, “Sorry…”

            Black Dragon says, “For what?”

            White Dragon then just plucks Black Dragon’s other eye out and he goes fully blind and he starts running everywhere and starts abusing his brother.

Black Dragon then hits himself on a wall and falls unconscious.

               Black Rose says, “Little extreme, but nice.”

            Lynx and Melisa are fighting on a bridge like where under it there are acid tanks and as they are fighting and Lynx slips and she is holding the bridge and Melisa sees this and brings her up.

Melisa then turns back and knocks her out with a kick and Lynx gets unconscious.

            Angel and Mr. R come together and they are facing Roy and Apocalypse and Apocalypse says, “All comes down to this, huh!!!”

            Mr. R removes a knife and says, “Others are going to jail, you are dying.”

            They attack each other.

            Roy then beats Angel badly and he says, “See, if you had forgiven me, I wouldn’t have to kill you, now I have to.”

            Just then

Leo comes and punches him and Roy gets banged on the wall and Roy says, “You dumb creature…”

            Leo then catches him and swings him over and over and then on the ground badly and Roy says, “Ouch!!!”

Roy tries getting back up and Angel knocks him out unconscious.

            Apocalypse then throws some grenades and Mr. R dodges them and the grenades explode near the acid tanks and a one of the tanks fall down, Apocalypse then throws a knife on an acid pipe and it goes and hits Mr. R’s mask and it dissolves some part of the mask and like, only half part of the mask is remaining of Mr. R.

            Apocalypse keeps kicking him and Angel comes and fights him.

            Apocalypse says, “Angel, you *****!!!!”

            Angel says, “You call your mother that way too, huh!!!”

            Apocalypse throws a grenade and Angel kicks it back and it explodes the wall behind him and showing a deep cliff.

            Angel comes ahead and beats Apocalypse badly.

            Apocalypse gets weakened badly and says, “Jail is fine with me…”

            Mr. R comes and hits him with three knives in the body, Leo comes and hits him super punch, Black Rose and White Dragon hit him with ninja disks and Melisa hits him with some lasers.

            Angel sees this and removes her swords and jumps and puts the sword through Apocalypse’s body.

Mr. R comes ahead and punches him and Apocalypse falls off the cliff.

            Mr. R says, “That is the punishment he gets….”


            An armored truck comes and takes the Cruel Faction in it and Roy is looking at JSF.











“They are two words, which could have changed this situation, What if… What if, Dhruv wouldn’t have met Tanya at the pub in London, what if Dhruv hadn’t been drunk and tried to get intimate with her and what if, Roy wouldn’t have provoked or manipulate him in raping him, what if… Sometimes, situations gets developed unnecessarily in a way no one wants and people like in the Cruel Faction are born and they want to rule and destroy the world, and that is when, even after losing faith and trust, Justice Sorority Faction with new young blood came back and defeated the Cruel Faction, Rihaan was destroyed, yes, even Tanya was, they had the trust of their friends and they stood up and became Mr. R and Angel. People still believe in JSF, they will leave, not only this City, but various cities also need help in decreasing crimes and terrorism and so JSF will be everywhere and they will help the cops and military and needy.”

-         Saisha Wong.








The Cruel Faction is inside THE FORT now:

  1. Lynx is inside a steel cage.


  1. Raka is inside a prison cell with covered in chains.


  1. Surgeon is inside his prison cell.


  1. Black Dragon has his eyes covered with a cloth and as his ninja skills still exist inside him.



Roy is taken by Mr. R inside his personal cell and Roy sees guards with guns all round and behind him and Mr. R and Roy says, “So, finally cops and military has accepted you, you should remove the mask and tell the world who you are.”

Mr. R says, “They will know when they want to know.”

Roy says, “So many guards, you have enough back up here?”

Mr. R says, “They are here to protect you, from me killing your ass.”

Roy goes inside his cell and sits on his bed and says, “All this, you know right, none of this will keep me.”

The guards move back and Mr. R says, “Why don’t you dig through 38 feet of concrete and steel, a knife, a punch and a body bag will be waiting for you on the other side, so, Maverick, start digging…”

Roy shows him a middle finger and Mr. R leaves the Fort after seeing others.


All others of JSF were separated and they went to different states and Cities to defend the people still connected to each other.


Rihaan is at the mountain place and a voice comes, “You did a nice job, son!!!”

He looks back and it is Grandpa and Rihaan says, “That I did.”

Grandpa says, “You are tired of these hallucinations, right?”

Rihaan says, “I am used to it now…”

Grandpa says, “So, Tanya has finally retired from JSF.”

Rihaan says, “She did, she got her revenge too.”

Tanya says, “You okay?”

Rihaan looks and says, “Ya…”


                                                     THE END???

            No, no, no….

            Some people have guns with them inside the forest and they find Apocalypse’s body and their leader says, “I get a strong vibe of evilness inside his soul.”

            One of the men says, “What we do, boss?”

            The leader says, “Take him to Nepal for treatment.”



            On the other side, there is a warehouse where Ford, Melisa’s brother is, a gentleman comes and says, “So, How’s the work going?”

            Ford says, “Good. What about the recruitment you were doing?”

            The gentleman says, “It is on.”


            In Eastern regions, there is a guy holding Roy’s photo and says, “I want him, I want to kill him.”


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