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18. MR.R -



              Apocalypse says, “I thought you wouldn’t come.”

            Lynx says, “I have now, seeing things now, it is getting interesting.”

            Apocalypse says, “It is, Mr. R thinks he has the best team of heroes put together but what he doesn’t know what I have.”

            Lynx looks at Roy and says, “Who is he?”

            Apocalypse says, “Are you hearing me or not!!! He is Roy; he was with them, now he is among us.”

            Lynx walks at Roy and she says blinking her cat eyes, “Who are you?”

            Roy says, “I am Roy aka Maverick!!!!”

            Lynx shakes hands with him and leaves from there and Roy is looking at her.

            Lynx says, “I think I should meet Mr. R.”

            Apocalypse says, “But first, meet Rihaan!!!”

            Next day, a girl arrives at Kumar Enterprises and goes inside Rihaan’s cabin and Rihaan looks at her and he says, “Who are you?”

            The girl removes her glares and says, “I am Shayana, the event organizer, you had called for.”

            Rihaan smiles and says, “Ya, it is an event for kids that I do, you have nice eyes, cat eyes, I must say.”

            Shayana says, “Thanks, Mr. Rihaan!!!”

            Shayana shows her pictures of hall and event designs and Rihaan confirms and verifies the plans.

            Rihaan reaches home and tells Tanya about the event and she says, “A girl came there came to tell about the event.”

            Rihaan says, “Ya, she had cat eyes, you know, wonderful!!”

            Tanya says, “Cat eyes, huh!!! Were you just talking about the eyes or event too?”

            Rihaan says, “Are you alright!!!”

            Tanya says, “Ya…”

            Rihaan says, “Or are you jealous?”

            Tanya says, “Please.”

            Rihaan says, “Okay!!”

            He then goes to bed and goes to sleep.


            The next day,

 Shayana comes back to Rihaan’s office and there Tanya is also present and she also likes the plans and Tanya says, “They are nice.”

            Rihaan says, “Didn’t I tell you!!!”

            Tanya says, “I am talking about the event design, not the eyes!!!”

            Shayana smiles it off.

            Rihaan and Tanya are then arguing on Shayana when they reach base.


Just then,

Leo comes there all injured and when he turns human, he has scratches on his body and Rihaan takes a look and Raghu says, “Someone attacked me in the alley and she was wearing some suit kind off, couldn’t see as it was dark.”

            Danny says, “It can be Raka?”

            Raghu says, “I could have recognized him. It was someone else.”

            Rihaan says, “Apocalypse!! He might or may have brought someone new…”

            Tanya says, “I hope not!!”


            At Apocalypse’s hideout,

Lynx is seen talking to Roy and Roy says, “I was working with JSF before and but when they came to know I was also involved.”

            Lynx comes close and says, “Ya, Apocalypse told me, you also raped Tanya!!”

            Roy says, “What?”

            Lynx says, “Ya, he told me that.”

            Roy says, “I didn’t rape Tanya, I just provoked Apocalypse in hurting Tanya and I didn’t do a thing to her and ya, I hit Rihaan in the head and walked away and then it must have happened.”

            Lynx says, “Because Apocalypse is telling JSF that you also raped Tanya!!!”         

            Roy says, “I didn’t. Where is he?”

            Roy goes to meet Apocalypse and sees that he is not there.

            Roy removes his gun and shoots some rounds on a target.


            At the event, many kids are present; Ujwal Naik, Rihaan, Tanya, Danny, Raghu, Saina and Melisa arrive there. Many other VIPs arrive there later.

            Rihaan then sees many men there guarding the hall and also inside the hall and Rihaan whispers at Tanya, “Why I feel something wrong is going to happen…”

            Rihaan goes behind the hall and Surgeon attacks him and they have a fight there and Rihaan beats him there and goes back in.

            Rihaan sends a text to Saina and Danny to gear up and they then leave the hall.

            Rihaan comes back and Shayana comes on stage and she says, “It is time for the finale.”

            The room goes dark and a girl in a cat suit comes on stage and Raghu says, “It was her…”

            Lynx is on stage and she removes a machine gun and starts firing and Rihaan and others save the kids and Ujwal Naik saves the VIPs.

            Tanya says, “Told you the Cat eyes girl is not nice.”

            Rihaan says, “Can we talk about that later!!!”

            Apocalypse, Roy, Surgeon, Raka and Black Dragon with Lynx come on stage and Lynx says, “I am Shayana aka Lynx, a cat monster. I am with these guys to rule the world.”

            An arrow comes and hits her machine gun and she looks up and it is Black Rose and she says, “As long as we are here, you are not ruling anything.”

            Rihaan and Tanya leave from there.

            Raptor also joins Black Rose and Surgeon and Black Dragon fight them.

            Lynx goes at Black Rose and Surgeon and Black Dragon double team against Raptor.


            Just then,

Mr. R arrives and sees Roy and Apocalypse and he attacks him.

            Lynx sees Mr. R and attacks him and Lynx says, “Rihaan!!!”

            Mr. R says, “Only your eyes are nice, not you!!”

            They have a fight and Angel takes a rope and swings at Apocalypse and fights him.

            Black Rose goes at Roy but Raka flies at her and stops her.

            Roy then removes a sniper and goes on a high point and aims at Angel.

            Mr. R then beats Lynx after getting scratched badly.

            Apocalypse beats Angel and he sees Roy aiming at her and he says, “Shoot her.”

            Roy says, “No!!!!”

            Apocalypse says, “What do you mean no?”

            Roy says, “I want to clear some things.”

            Apocalypse says, “This is not the right time.”

            Roy says, “This is, now, what you told her and Rihaan, that I also raped her…”

            Apocalypse says, “NO!!!”

            Roy says, “Lynx told me you did, don’t lie to me.”

            Apocalypse says, “Yes, I did tell them.”

            Roy says, “Why!!! Did you forget, I just hit Rihaan in the head and you and your friends raped her and l left for Sri Lanka. Tell her.”

            Apocalypse looks at Angel and says the same thing what Roy said.

            Angel looks at Roy and kicks Apocalypse and Roy starts firing at her and but she dodges all the bullets.

            Mr. R sees this and hits the mini bombs at Roy and the gang escapes.

            At Apocalypse’s hideout,

Apocalypse says, “You jerk, I would have died.”

            Roy says, “Died!! You are going to die, Apocalypse!!! I saved you again.”

            He leaves from there.


At JSF base,

 Rihaan is seeing Shayana’s information and Tanya comes and Rihaan says, “Hey, you okay?”

            Tanya says, “Ya, you know, I am kind of happy.”

            Rihaan says, “Why is that?”

            Tanya says, “Roy didn’t do anything to me and it was only Apocalypse, but still, still mad at him as he was the one who provoked him.”

            Rihaan says, “True, one more thing is true?”

            Tanya says, “What?”

            Rihaan says, “Shayana has cute cat eyes.”

            Tanya says, “Oh, yeah!!”

            She is hitting Rihaan.


            Apocalypse says, “THE WAR IS ON, JUSTICE SORORITY FACTION!!!”

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