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            Chang after leaving the team comes to alley side bar where many drunkards come to have low price nice quality alcholol.

            Chang is sitting at the bar table and he looks at a waiter and says, “One beer.”

            From back, a voice comes, “Make that two.”

            Chang looks back and it is Roy and Chang is shocked and he looks at him and he then looks at the waiter again and he says, “Yes, make that two.”

            Roy says, “I thought you would be at the base, making plans to find me and Apocalypse.”

            Chang says, “Because of the plans, I am here not at the base. I got myself out.”

            Roy says, “In a way, me too.”

            Chang says, “What?”

            Roy says, “I gave your friends problems and Apocalypse was angry on me as I failed and so I have left them for now.”

            Chang says, “We are kind of sailing in the same boat.”

            Roy says, “The hell we are, you know, you can kill me now?”

            Chang says, “No, Rihaan and Tanya want to have that fun to kill you, not me, I want Lee.”

            Roy says, “That is nice.”

            Chang says, “We can fight now if you want to.”


Just then, the dance program starts and the bar goes dark and Roy says, “Right now, what we need now is a break from fighting from the respective sides.”

            The lights get back and Roy is gone and Chang is seen drinking his beer.


Next day,

Rihaan and Tanya are at the base and they look at profiles of the whole Apocalypse and his gang and Rihaan says, “They wanted to kill the President because he made some policies that would hurt Apocalypse’s business in some harmful way, what reason?”

            Tanya says, “Apocalypse wants to do something big…”

            Rihaan says, “That can be one reason, but what?”


            Apocalypse is at his hideout and Surgeon comes and says, “Did you read about the new device that the President is making, it consists of androids like Bulldog actually powerful like Bulldog.”

            Apocalypse looks at the article and says, “I will be dammed. He does have a son, right?”

            Surgeon smiles and looks at him and says, “Yes…”

            The President who is still inside the City gets a parcel and there is a note on it, ‘Open when alone”.

            When he opens it, there is cell phone and his son, Suraj who is 24 years of age and there is a video in the phone and when he opens, it shows him getting kidnapped by Apocalypse and the phone rings and when he picks up and it is Apocalypse and they have a talk and The President says, “Alright, I will do it.”


            Same day,

Rihaan is at his office and just then some government officials come at his office and show him some papers which say to close down the Kumar Enterprises and Malls, there is closure of Tanya’s boutique.

            Rihaan asks the reason and the officials say, “President’s orders.’


            The President then arrives on an army base and he puts some codes and passwords and his assistant is with a Surgeon and the assistant says, “Sir, this could do some serious damage.”

            The President says, “I know.”

            Surgeon then calls Apocalypse and Surgeon says, “Project Wipeout is on…”

            Apocalypse says, “Great.”

            He looks at Suraj and says, “You will go home when JSF is dead.”

            Suraj says, “I hope you die.”

            Apocalypse smiles and leaves Suraj who is in chains.


            The same day,

 Rihaan and others leaving Chang are at the house and just then hear some noise and Rihaan comes out and he sees five androids coming at the house and Danny says, “Damn, I know them.”

            Rihaan says, “What?”

            Danny says, “The terrorists activities increased in some regions so, The President with his son, Suraj and the army came up with these androids and this project was Project Wipeout.”

            Melisa says, “They are here to wipe us out.”

            Raghu becomes Leo and he tells others leave and he will distract them.

            Rihaan and others leave from backside of the house.

            Leo comes in front of the androids and one of them says, “Target Acquired, now, kill.”

            The androids attack him badly and injure Leo and while leaving, they attack Leo with missiles and he escapes through the sewer.

            Rihaan and others then gear up and Saina tries finding the weaknesses of the androids.

            Rihaan says, “Something is wrong, why the President would order to kill us?”

            Danny says, “Apocalypse.”

            Rihaan says, “Find him and his son, Suraj.”

            The androids arrive inside the City and start finding Rihaan and others.


            Rihaan is then seen at Mr. James’s house hiding, Melisa is moving around the City in different forms to find Suraj and Danny and Tanya are finding the President.

            Apocalypse gets to know that no one killed and Leo was injured and he tells the androids to attack the City.

            Androids start attacking the City and Mr. R arrives there and Black Rose accompanies him with Slash (Marvin).

            Three of the five androids attack Mr. R and other two attack Black Rose and Slash.

            After sometime,

Mr. R gets injured and the androids point their machine guns at him and just then, they are shot with a machine gun and Mr. R looks and it is Angel with the Browning Gun.

            Raptor and Melisa come and help Black Rose and Slash.

            The androids then leave.

            Mr. R then arrives on base.

            Rihaan says, “These androids are way advanced.”

            Danny says, “They were build for the security, they are doing the job just not the way the county wants.”

            Tanya comes and shows them photos and she says, “You would not believe this…”

            The photos show the President with Surgeon at an office.

            Tanya then tells them Suraj was missing from the last two days and she says, “What I want to say is, Apocalypse kidnapped Suraj and he is blackmailing the President and so the androids are attacking us.”

            Rihaan says, “I like that theory.”

            Raghu on the other side on a road to base and he gets hit by a car by mistake and the car is driven by Dr. Anjali and she takes him home when many people notice.

            Anjali then tries curing Raghu and she takes a blood sample and she analyzes it and she looks at Raghu who is unconscious and she says, “Oh my God!!!”

            Raghu wakes up and sees Dr. Anjali and she gives him juice and Raghu takes it and Dr. Anjali says, “Are you the Lion monster who works in JSF?”

            Raghu says, “No!!!”

            Dr. Anjali says, “No??? I analyzed your blood; I saw some lion monster DNA which was inside your blood.”

            Raghu says, “Yeah!! I am Leo…”

            Dr. Anjali says, “Oh my god!!!”

            Raghu says, “Don’t tell anyone, please.”

            Dr. Anjali says, “No, I won’t…”

            Raghu then leaves the home and leaves for the base.


            Same night, he meets Rihaan and others. Rihaan says, “We need to talk to the President and Surgeon.”

            Tanya says, “As the President is here, a VIP has thrown a party for him and so he will be there and Saisha (actress) can get us in.”

            Rihaan says, “Alright, let’s party.”

They arrive at the party and there they see the President and Surgeon.  When Surgeon isn’t looking, Saina goes to the President and touches him and they have a dance and using her powers she tells the President that Rihaan wants to meet him and The President says, “What about him?”

            Saina smiles and says, “We will take care of that.”

             Rihaan and Tanya are seen dancing and Surgeon sees this and he remove his cell phone to call Apocalypse and just then a waiter comes and drops a drinks on him and the phone and Surgeon goes to pick up the phone and he sees the waiter and he is Danny and he spears Surgeon and they have a fight at the party….

            The androids come and see Danny and fire at him and Leo comes there and attacks the androids and the androids turn back and Surgeon and the President is taken to another room.

            Rihaan looks at Surgeon and says, “We don’t have time, where is Suraj?”

            Surgeon says, “I am not telling, idiot.”

            Tanya slaps him and says, “You will, when I take out your teeth off.”

            Surgeon says, “You serious?”

            Rihaan says, “No, no!!! Wait, I have an idea.”


            At a place,

            Apocalypse and his men with Roy, Black Dragon, the androids and Bulldog arrive and just then a helicopter arrives there and the entire JSF comes out of it and Mr. R says, “Apocalypse, we have your one guy and you have the President’s son, want to exchange?”

            Apocalypse says, “Why not!!!”

            He sends Suraj ahead and Surgeon is also walking and Leo says, “The androids die today.”

            Suraj and Surgeon come face to face and somehow, Surgeon gets out of the cuffs and holds Suraj as a hostage and taunts JSF and Suraj hits him with a head-butt and fights him.

            Mr. R comes ahead and Apocalypse orders Bulldog and the androids to attack him.

            Leo, Black Rose, Raptor, Angel and Melisa attack each android.

            Mr. R goes to help Suraj and the android leaves Angel and attacks Mr. R and during the fight, Suraj’s whole hand cuts off and Mr. R kills the android with a grenade.

            Leo then tears the android apart and Danny cuts the android off and Melisa uses her powers and kills the android and Black Rose kills her weapons.

            Bulldog comes ahead and they all attack him and kill it.

            Roy looks at Mr. R and he looks at him and Roy just leaves with Apocalypse.

            Suraj is taken to the hospital and The President thanks JSF and Mr. R says, “Sorry for Suraj’s hand.”

            The President says, “At least he is alive.”

            He then leaves with Suraj and Suraj shows thumbs up to the JSF.


            Apocalypse is at his hideout and Roy says, “Your parcel is here…”

            Black Dragon says, “What is in there?”

            Apocalypse says, “Something cruel that will help us win the big war…”

            There is a huge trailer standing outside the hideout and Apocalypse opens the trailer door and there is a guy covered in chains and Roy says, “Who is he?”

            Apocalypse says, “You had heard of the RAKA monster, right, this is beyond one more level, he is RAKA version 2.0, he can scratch, attack and fly. He is a combination of all.”

            Apocalypse is laughing.


            Rihaan is at his house and he says, “There is another war coming…”

            Tanya says, “It is like calm before storm.”

            Rihaan says, “I believe sometimes I am lucky that I have survived so much.”

            Tanya says, “Luck nurtured with my love.”

            He then hugs Rihaan and he looks at the rain.







            The President is at his house in Delhi and he goes in his son, Suraj’s room and he sees that he isn’t there and he asks the servants and then the assistant and the assistant says, “Sir, he isn’t there since early morning. We tracked his cell phone; he has gone to the City.”

            In the City,

Suraj arrives and he has his cut out hand covered and he reaches Kumar Enterprises which was opened back after the before episode.

            When he reaches, he sees Rihaan with Raghu at the ground floor and he says, “Rihaan!!!!”

            Rihaan sees Suraj and says, “Suraj!!! What are you doing here?”

            Suraj says, “I wanted to talk to you…”

            Rihaan says, “Me, about what?”

            Suraj says, “I wanted to help you in fighting Apocalypse.”

            Rihaan then takes him inside his cabin and Raghu comes with him and Rihaan says, “Are you serious?”

            Suraj says, “The hell I am, you know I am good with technology and stuff, I can be your new tech guy, I am good with weaponry.”

            Rihaan says, “I cannot, because I will tell you the reason, first because you are the President’s son and second, I worried, first is you and second, your hand.”

            Suraj says, “I am good, Rihaan!!!”

            Rihaan says, “Also you don’t know us…”

            Suraj says, “Oh, yeah!!! Let us see, you have a knifeman like you, a sword fighter like your wife, a mind reader, a person who can take any metal form, an alien and a ninja.”

            Raghu says, “Hello!!!”

            Suraj says, “Oh, ya, sorry, a lion guy too.”

            Raghu says, “How you know this?”

            Suraj says, “I analyze stuff too so, it was simple.”

            Rihaan says, “Suraj, take some rest, right now, we will talk later.”

            Raghu then leaves Suraj to his hotel room.


Suraj is in his room and he takes a look at himself in the mirror and sees his cut off hand and leaves the room.

            He then calls someone and gives him a list of items and Suraj says, “Arrange it as fast as you can.”


            Rihaan then reaches base and tells others that Suraj is in the City and he wanted to join JSF.

            Tanya says, “He is trying to make a choice.”

            Rihaan says, “You know, how dangerous this is and you want him to get inside this.”

            Tanya says, “You are worried because he is the President’s son and he has a cut off hand, if he can help us, let him.”

            Rihaan says, “Let us see.”

            He then calls Suraj and he gets to know he is not there in his hotel room.

            Saina then says, “Guys, see the news.”

            They all see the news and they see some people were attacked and killed in a garden at night and there is a rumor that an animal attacked them and watchman of that garden took a picture of him.

            The picture with something having wings and claws and Rihaan sees Ujwal Naik in the news footage.


            Ujwal Naik is at the crime scene and he leaves the place and goes to the office where he meets Dr. Anjali and she is checking the bodies and when they are seeing it, a voice comes, “Hello!!!”

            Ujwal Naik and Dr. Anjali see Mr. R there and Dr. Anjali says, “On time…”

            Mr. R says, “Any news on that animal?”

            Ujwal Naik says, “No, just an image.”

            Dr. Anjali says, “It can be like the animal monsters like the City was attacked with, remember, Eagle and wolf ones and JSF also have a Lion monster too.”

            Mr. R says, “My monster doesn’t have wings.”

            Ujwal Naik says, “I do not doubt your monster, R!!! This is someone new.”

            Mr. R says, “Right!!!!”

            Dr. Anjali looks and Mr. R is gone and she says, “Doesn’t feel weird now when he is does that…”

            Dr. Anjali looks at one of the bodies cell phone and she sees a video of the couple that got killed hanging out and was attacked and it shows a man with wings and huge claws and he slaughtered them and killed them.

            She sends the video to Ujwal Naik and the search gets started.

            Rihaan also gets the video and starts his own research.

            Saina says, “Found him, Jindaal Zardaari aka Raka, was part of an animal monster experiment that took place in the Eastern Regions.”

            Rihaan says, “Apocalypse must have called him here, he is strengthening his team.”

            Tanya says, “Same name, same game.”

            Rihaan smiles and says, “Any word on Suraj???”

            Danny says, “No, nothing, Apocalypse might have caught him?”

            Rihaan says, “How much I know Apocalypse, he must have bragged about it via video or using something, where is he?”


            Apocalypse is at his hideout and he says, “Raka did a great job killing those people.”

            Lee says, “He made a statement, though.”

            Apocalypse says, “There is a rumor that Suraj has arrived here and I want some payback from him too, cutting his hand wasn’t enough and he should be dead.”

            Apocalypse then goes inside a room and sees a girl there on a bed and says, “Your work is done, Raka, you can start yours.”

            Raka licks his claws and attacks the girl and kills her.

            Suraj is seen inside a small shed making something using steel and technology.

            The same night,

 Mr. R is seen on top of the building and he hears something nearby of someone screaming and he goes there and he sees Raka attacking the people and Mr. R makes a run at him and goes and spears him.

            Raka says, “Mr. R!!!! Many people want you dead, I will eat you…”

            Mr. R says, “In your dreams, monster.”

            They have a fight and Mr. R removes his knives and fights him, Raka then uses his wings and uses a wind attack and Mr. R falls on the road and he saves himself from a truck and then gets back up and fights Raka.

            Mr. R says, “Raka, there was one more Raka before, he did something worse to me, hunted me but I got help and you also need help too.”

            Raka says, “No way.”

            He attacks Mr. R and then picks him up using his claws and flies him around using his wings.

            Black Rose sees this and takes out a sniper and aims at Raka and shoots his leg and Mr. R falls on a building and Raka flies off.

            Mr. R smiles at Black Rose.


            The President arrives in the City and Apocalypse says, “That’s cherry on the cake, I must say. Follow him.”

            The President then calls Suraj and they have an argument and Suraj says, “Alright, but me promise me you will come alone, I will text you the address.”

            The President says, “Alright.”

            He gets the text and he forwards the message to Rihaan.

            The President arrives at the shed and sees Suraj inside and sees that he is doing something and when he goes closer and sees that Suraj’s right hand which was cut off is replaced with a cybernetic hand and Suraj says, “How is it?”

            The father says, “You did show your desperate feeling of joining JSF.”

            Suraj says, “That I did, you are not angry, right?”

            The father says, “No… I am proud…”

            He then makes some changes on the hand and helps Suraj put it on and Suraj makes another hand and puts on the left hand too and they test it too.

            The hands give him strength and learn some wrestling moves.


            Just then, the door of the shed explodes and Raka and Black Dragon are there with henchmen and Suraj says, “On time, Raka!!! I actually wanted to test these.”

            Raka smiles and the men attack Suraj and he beats them badly and Suraj then sees Raka and he flies at him and they have a fight. Black Dragon removes his sword and goes at Suraj but The President tries stopping him and Suraj sees this and goes at Black Dragon but Raka attacks him from behind.

            Raka then says, “Kid, you have lot to learn.”

            Black Dragon says, “Let us kill them both.”

            More men arrive there and hold Suraj and the President and Raka shows his huge claw to Suraj and says, “First you, kid!!!”

            Just then, a grenade comes there and explodes and Leo, Black Rose and Melisa are there.

            Black Rose says, “Stay away from our friends, Raka!!!”

            Raka roars at her and attacks him and Suraj gets out and frees his father and beats the men. Leo attacks Black Dragon and Melisa helps Suraj.

            Suraj says, “I am alright…”

            He goes at Raka and suplexes him many times and powerbombs him on the ground.

            Black Dragon sees this and throws a smoke bomb and he and Raka escape from there.

            Black Rose says, “Good job, Suraj!!!”

            Suraj says, “Thanks, so, I can join JSF, right?”

            Leo says, “Yes.”

            Suraj hugs his father and he says, “Now you are a hero, right, you will need a name, Suraj?”

            Suraj says, “Ya, not Suraj.”

            In Delhi,

The President is at a weapons expo and he says, “I am honored to call the City’s new hero,




            He is seen waving at the audience with glares and muscular body in a military attire and he says, “Hell, yeah!!!”

            Rihaan and others are in the audience clapping for the Patriot.

            Apocalypse says, “So, they have one more person included in the team.”

            A voice comes, “Can I help?”

            Apocalypse looks and there is a girl in a cat print suit and she says, “Hi, Darling!!!”

            Apocalypse says, “Hello, Lynx…”

            Lynx says, “Meow!!!”

            Roy says, “Who is she?”

            Raka says, “She is the one created me and she created herself….”

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