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            Rihaan is at his house and he looks at his and Roy’s photo and he then remembers what Roy told him when they met Apocalypse and his gang and Rihaan says, “Never thought I would have to go against you.”

            Tanya then comes there and Saina is with her and she says, “Rihaan is pretty badly hurt, I don’t have to touch him to experience it.”

            Tanya says, “Yeah, he is.”

            Saina says, “What now?”

            Rihaan comes and says, “If Roy wants to surrender he can, or else we face him.”

            In the City, a video is released.

            Mr. R is on the screen and he says, “Betrayal, Deceit and Distrust have all the same meanings and when they are shown by a true and close ones, they hurt and when they hurt, payback is coming and when it comes to me, I see death for that person….”

            Apocalypse sees this video and says, “Roy!!!”

            Roy comes and Apocalypse says, “I guess your friend is challenging you for a fight.”

            Roy says, “Ya.”

            Roy looks at his sniper on the table and says, “What I have done shouldn’t have been done, but a time comes when things go out of hands and so what we do, we fight.”

            Surgeon comes and says, “What will you do now?”

            Roy smiles and says, “Bring down the Justice Sorority Faction.”

            Apocalypse says, “Why I feel tomorrow is a nice day for us.”


            Next day,

 Chang is doing his ninja training at his school and he takes his ninja disks and he aims it at a target and when he throws it, the disks explode in mid-air and Chang looks around and he takes his sword and ninja disks again and he throws them again and they explode in mid-air again and he hears a small noise of a gun getting reloaded and he comes to know the source and he takes a ninja disk again and when he is just about to throw, he turns at the door and hits it and it hits the gun and Roy comes out from that door and says, “Hey, Ninja.”

            Chang says, “What are you doing here?”

            Roy says, “As I have taken the mission to bring you all down, so I am starting with you.”

            Chang takes his sword and he attacks Roy and he dodges the strikes and Roy turns and kicks him back and he falls on a huge mirror and Roy then takes the mirror glass pieces and attacks Chang and injures him badly by piercing many pieces in his body and Chang is a lower tone says, “You are Rihaan’s friend.”

            Roy says, “I was his friend, he doesn’t get me…”

            He leaves from there.


At a gym,

Raghu is all alone working out and the lights go out and when lights come back, some Apocalypse’s henchmen are inside the gym and the lights go off again and Leo is standing there and the men attack him and Leo beats them easily just then Roy comes and attacks him and hits him with a small injection.

            Leo says, “What you gave me?”

            Roy says, “Have fun finding it out.”

            Leo falls down and wakes up and sees Roy everywhere and attacks him and there is a chaos inside the gym.

            Melisa (human form) and Danny are at a jogging track and sometime later, they see an a car upside down and Danny goes to help and he calls Melisa to help her and just then man inside the car opens his eyes and kicks Danny and shoots Melisa.

            Danny gets back up and sees the man is Roy and he starts a fight with Danny as many people are seeing, Danny cannot turn to Raptor and Roy beats him bad and Melisa gets weakened and as a car comes to pick Roy up, he lights a cigar and throws the matchstick at Melisa and she starts burning and she is yelling for help.

            People there get scared and run off.

            Danny sees this and tries helping Melisa and due to the burning she turns to her normal form and Danny takes a chance and throws her in a lake.


            Rihaan and Tanya come to know this and Tanya says, “Apocalypse has studied us well, Raghu and Melisa is struggling.”

            Rihaan leaves to help Melisa and Tanya goes to help Raghu.


            At the gym,

Ujwal Naik is present there and Angel arrives there and Ujwal Naik says, “Your friend has gone mad, he is attacking everyone.”

            Angel calls Mr. R and tells him about Leo and Mr. R says, “It’s the same chemical that was inserted inside Shakti years ago, he must be seeing Roy everywhere and so he is just fighting everyone.”

            Angel says, “What can I do?”

            Mr. R says, “Hit him as hard you can in the head.”

            Angel says, “That doesn’t sound easy.”

            Angel goes inside and sees Leo fighting the cops and constables and she tells them to leave and she and Leo start a fight.

            Mr. R then calls Dr. Anjali and tells her what is happening with Melisa and she says that she has a way of curing her.


            Melisa on the other side comes out of water and still burning and Raptor tries keeping her inside water.

            After sometime,

Mr. R arrives and he has a small gun and he tells Raptor to keep Melisa steady and Raptor says, “I am trying.”

            Black Rose then arrives and helps Raptor to keep Melisa steady and she says, “Help me, I am burning badly.”

            Raptor says, “Stay Steady…”

            Mr. R loads the antidote inside the gun and shoots and Melisa gets hit and becomes unconscious.

            Black Rose says that she is normal now.

            At the gym,

Angel is seen fighting Leo and Leo increases his energy and attacks Angel, he says, “I will kill you Roy.”

            Angel sees a long rod and beats Leo with it and then she takes muscle plates and hits Leo with it and Leo beats her badly then.

            Angel then sees some lose electronic circuits which have high voltage and she takes the wires and wraps Leo’s head and switches it on and Leo gets a high voltage current and he falls down and gets back up after sometime and Leo sees Angel and says, “Angel…”

            Angel says, “Ya…”

            She still knocks him out.


            Apocalypse comes to know all this and says, “For the first timers, Roy, you did a nice job, yes, they weren’t dead, but good try.”

            Roy says, “The JSF will not stand down as far as I know, but they will have to.”

            Ujwal Naik is seen talking to Mr. R and Ujwal Naik says, “Nice place.”

            Mr. R says, “That place is not nice for people like Apocalypse and his gang. It will be like a hiding the people like him, but still it will keep them away.”

            Ujwal Naik says, “We are working on the name, though…”

            Mr. R says, “Name, I had bit of problems when it came on names.”

            Ujwal Naik says, “The President did like the idea, he came up with a simple name, The Fort…”

            Mr. R says, “It is nice.”     





Part 1


            Rihaan is at the hospital where Chang is admitted and Leo is held inside at the base where Tanya is with him.

            Saina leaves Danny and Melisa home and goes for a party of her friends.

            Apocalypse is at his hideout where he arrives and sees Roy seeing something on his laptop screen and Apocalypse says, “What is this?”

            Roy says, “You know, Chang is one hell of a guy, he made various plans and strategies for all of us and I will use them to weaken JSF.”

            Surgeon says, “Don’t tell me, you have a Plan B.”

            Roy says, “As a matter of fact, I have…”

            Surgeon looks at Apocalypse and says, “You are giving him a second chance?”

            Apocalypse says, “Yes. He knows JSF better than us. He brought these files for us from them.”

            Surgeon says, “I could have done all this, don’t forget, I had paralyzed Tanya for a while and if this guy who you trust so much wouldn’t have screwed up, she would have been dead.”

            Roy says, “I had to save her, because Rihaan was present there and I was his friend that time, no I am the one bringing him and his friends down, you know damn well that I am better than you.”

            Surgeon removes a knife and says, “Let us see.”

            Apocalypse says, “Hey, please can we focus on JSF, the personal battles can wait.”

            Surgeon leaves the place and he sees Lee and he says, “Got your butt kicked again?”

            Surgeon says, “I might kick yours.”


            At the party,

Saina and Marvin are present and just then a man arrives on stage and he says, “Hello everyone, I hope you are all enjoying the party, so I have come up with a special gift for a special person, here (shows a crown), this is for the most beautiful girl in the party.”

            The man then chooses three girls including Saina and he declares Saina as a winner after sometime and when he places the crown on her head, Saina shakes her hands with the man and she sees visions and the man smiles and winks his eye and the crown has a device in it and Saina’s head starts to pain and she falls down from stage and the man goes backstage and he removes his mask and it is Roy.


            At the base, there is an alert where there is a bank robbery as Rihaan is free and he leaves at the bank and he gears up.

            Mr. R then reaches the base and he sees Apocalypse’s men there and beats them and Black Dragon hits him with a tranquilizer and he falls down.

            When he wakes up, he is handcuffed to a bike and Roy comes there and Mr. R says, “What is this?”

            Roy says, “This is a small game we are playing, there is a bomb in this bike, look, you will start the bike and you have to ride the bike in the entire city or something else happens, if you stop, it explodes killing people in 25 KMS, so ride it and yeah, the timer has started, so better hurry.”

            Mr. R looks at the bomb and he starts the bike and goes from the place and starts riding the bike all around the place.


            Danny arrives home and he tries calling Rihaan and he doesn’t pick up and there is a door knock and as he goes to open the door, the door explodes and there is an explosion in Melisa’s chamber too.

            Danny wakes up and goes inside her chamber and sees her dead body and she is all injured and he is crying and all saddened and he goes silent.


            Chang wakes up from his sleep and as he wakes up, a gas grenade comes and makes him unconscious and when he wakes up again, he is inside a room of ropes and video screen is there and Black Dragon comes on screen and says,

“Hello, brother, remember our childhood, we used to play a lot of games and we are playing now too, see the ropes you are attached to, there are like 1000 ropes, right, you are attached to 100 and you have cut one by one, but beware, all 1000 ropes have small knives attached to it and it can harm you bad, so play it neat or you can get cut into 1000 pieces.”

            Chang looks at the ropes and says, “Roy, you son of a gun!!!!”


            At an airport, the President arrives to the City and Apocalypse gets the news that the President had arrived.

            Roy says, “Why you want to kill the President again?”

            Apocalypse says, “He is not good for my business and he made some policies that I don’t like, so he has to die.”

            Apocalypse and his whole gang gear up and he releases a small video saying that the President will die tonight and no one will be there to save him.

            Yuvraj sees this and says, “Oh, no!! Dad is also there with The President.”

            He calls Rihaan, but he doesn’t pick up and he calls other and they also pick up either.

            He then reaches the base and sees Saisha and he asks about others.


Saisha says, “The whole JSF is under attack, Yuvraj, look.”

            The screens show:


1.     Mr. R on a bike riding with a bomb on it.


2.     Angel is with Leo at the base treating him.


3.     Raptor is holding Melisa’s dead body and is all crying and saddened.


4.     Chang is playing the death game.


5.     Saina is struggling with the headache due to the crown.


Chang then however calls at the base and Saisha says, “Chang, are you okay?”

Chang says, “No.”

Saisha says, “All are under attack, I don’t know who is doing this, Apocalypse or I don’t know who?”

Chang says, “It’s me, who is attacking them, that jerk Roy used my plans to weaken us.”


However, Mr. R gets out of the City and is on a highway and sees that his fuel is getting over and somehow fills it up.


Apocalypse and his gang with the men are seen leaving the base.





Part 2


            Saisha says, “How will we save them?”

            Chang says, “Yuvraj???”

            Yuvraj says, “I am here.”

            Chang says, “You have to help them…”

            Yuvraj says, “How will I help them?”

            Chang says, “You have to…. Now, listen.”

            Yuvraj takes his bike and leaves to Saina’s party where she and Marvin are.


When he arrives, he sees Saina is screaming in pain and Marvin is trying to control her and Yuvraj sees the crown and goes spears her. Saina is still screaming and Marvin says, “Yuvraj, what the hell is wrong with you?”

            Yuvraj says, “I am trying to help.”

            Marvin says, “How?”

            Yuvraj says, “We have to hit the crown so hard that the device falls off with the crown.”

            Marvin then goes at Saina and he says, “I am sorry, babe.”

            He then picks her up and puts on her a wall and ties her and Yuvraj somehow hits the crown with a rod and Saina gets unconscious and the crown with the device falls down.

            Saina wakes up and says, “My head is paining.”

            Yuvraj says, “Chang’s solution for this problem, we have to hurry, we have to save others.”

            Chang is still playing the game and he has all cut on his bodies and he sees only some ropes are left and just then, Black Rose arrives there and sees the rope which will cut of Chang’s head and when the rope comes off at Chang, she cuts the rope from the hook and Chang is saved and he gets a cut on his face.

            Chang says, “However, I didn’t finish the game when I was a kid.”

            He then leaves with Black Rose and they get news of Mr. R.


            Mr. R is seen outside on a highway and a helicopter comes there and Chang comes out of the door and says, “R?”

            Mr. R looks up and Chang says, “I know about the bike.”

            Chang then removes a sniper and aims at the handcuffs and shoots it and the timer starts to reduce the time and Mr. R jumps from the bike and the bike falls down the cliff and explodes.

            Mr. R says, “How could you, Chang?”


            Chang then calls Tanya and she is at the base with Raghu and she leaves the base in her car with Raghu.


            At home,

Tanya sees Danny all silent and not talking and he looks at Tanya and says, “Melisa, dead.”

            Tanya says, “No, she is not dead, Danny, one thing I know of love, it doesn’t die that easy and about dead bodies, this.”

            She removes Melisa’s head and Danny comes to know that the body is an android and a Tanya opens a secret door and Melisa is there inside her chamber and she tells Danny that Melisa made it for emergency and she forgot to tell Danny.

            Danny smiles and hugs Tanya and he touches a steel piece and says, “Let’s roll.”

            On the other side,

The President is with the Mayor and Ujwal Naik and they are on a road and just then a helicopter arrives there and door opens and Black Dragon jumps out of it and jumps on the main car.

            The officers inside the other cars come out and Roy shoots them off from inside the helicopter and Apocalypse removes a missile launcher and explodes the cars.

            The driver of the main car and then drifts the car and the car goes upside down and Black Dragon jumps and sees the car going upside down.

            Apocalypse has a gun in his hand and says, “We know all the VIPS are inside the car and they are not dead, so please come out.”

            Ujwal Naik comes out and Surgeon comes and shoots him in the leg.

            The President comes out with the Mayor and Apocalypse says, “The main and for most person of the nation, the President, so happy to meet you, you know I want to know the problem between us, you made some idiotic policy by which I cannot bring my things here and so I cannot destroy places and my buyers get angry on me and all because of you. Why?”

            The President says, “For peace.”

            Surgeon says, “Peace, (laughs), Peace, for us, peace is destroying people.”

            Apocalypse says, “Now, you die.”


            A mini missile comes and hits the place and Apocalypse looks and it is, White Dragon and Black Dragon says, “How, you would have been dead by now?”

            White Dragon says, “Sorry to disappoint you, brother.”

            Raptor comes and says, “We are all out of our attacks.”

            Mr. R says, “The hell we are.”

            Surgeon looks at Roy and Surgeon says, “You failed.”

            Roy says, “Can we talk about that later!!!”

            The JSF then attacks Apocalypse and his gang. Angel and Melisa take the VIPS to a safe place.


            Mr. R is fighting Roy and Roy says, “The plans did work, R!! Thanks to Chang…”

            Mr. R says, “We will see about that later.”

            Apocalypse is fighting Leo and Raptor.

            White and Black Dragon are fighting each other and Black Rose is fighting Surgeon.

            Apocalypse sees that he is losing and he tells his gang to leave.

            Mr. R is looking at White Dragon.


            At the base,

 Tanya says that the VIPS are safe and secure.

            Rihaan says, “This meeting is called for two reasons, one for Yuvraj that he helped us knowing we could have been dead and second, Chang.”

            Saina says, “How are all things related to Chang?”

            Rihaan looks at Chang and he says, “Yes, I created some back up plans and strategies if one of you all got out of control and there were plans to stop the villains attacking the City, but when we all came to know about Roy’s truth and real face, he came to the base the next day and took all our files and went off.”

            Danny says, “How did the solutions work then?”

            Chang says, “Here is how the solutions worked:

  1. Rihaan, as we know, will do anything protect the City and so I know he wouldn’t stay inside the City and when a bomb or some explosive is with him and so I had a plan that had a bike in it and that did happened.


  1. I, I and Lee had played this game and Lee changed the game method where all the 1000 ropes would lead me to death.


  1. Melisa, when her blood was analyzed, I knew her weakness was fire and various minerals and metals lead to fire and I made bullets and stuff that contain this stuff and Roy made one such bullet and she was burning yesterday.


  1. Danny, we all know he cannot take incidents for real and goes in deep dilemma and goes in tremendous shock and the incident that took place with him would lead to low self confidence.


  1. Saina, her mind control technique has a liquid deep inside her blood and brain and I found a weakness for it and made a device out of it and Roy used it.


  1. Raghu’s mind was manipulated the same way like Shakti’s took place years ago.”


Raghu says, “That’s a breach of trust.”

Chang says, “If I have to do it again, I will.”

Danny says, “C’mon, you cannot do that.”

Saina says, “I agree with the plans but Roy taking them wasn’t a good part.”

Chang says, “They were ‘What If?’ plans and they weren’t suppose to kill you, they were to hurt you, anyone here would have be here on my place, he or she would have done the same, if that is the way, I will leave JSF.”

He leaves the base and Rihaan follows him outside.

Rihaan says, “Making the plans were good but no one would do that to you.”

Chang smiles and says, “Then that person is a damn fool, Rihaan, I made those plans to stop you guys, and that didn’t include me in those plans. Lee came up with that game plan; I didn’t have a plan for myself in that file.”

Rihaan says, “What was your plan?”

Chang says, “It was you guys.”

Rihaan says, “That’s philosophical but I can deal with that.”

Chang takes his bike and leaves the base and JSF.

Apocalypse is at his hideout with others and Surgeon says, “Roy, you should just leave, your plan failed.”

Roy says, “It wasn’t my fault that Chang found a solution for those problems, what have you done?”

Surgeon says, “I helped Apocalypse out of prison and so he could rule the City.”

Lee says, “I thought I brought Apocalypse out of prison.”

Roy laughs and Surgeon and Roy says, “At least I have done something, Surgeon, you on the other hand, haven’t done anything, you are the one who should leave the gang.”

Surgeon leaves and Apocalypse stops and supports him and says, “Roy, you have failed admit it and someday someone would have told the truth about you that you were involved in raping Tanya that day and you have us to come to and nowhere to go.”

Roy laughs and says, “You need me, Rihaan will kill you badly.”

Apocalypse says, “I don’t need a bodyguard, you are here as a villain and like a member of this gang.”

Roy says, “I am better alone.”

He then leaves the hideout and while leaving, punches Surgeon in the face and says, “Kiss ass.”

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