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10. MR. R-


            It’s morning, Saina and Danny are at their house and they freshen up and Saina goes to see Rihaan and when she goes in and she Rihaan has all the clothes out of his wardrobe and Saina says, “Dad, what is going on?”

Rihaan says, “It’s just Melisa told me that Tanya might wake up today and I was seeing what to wear and I was confused and hyper too and so all this mess is here.”

Saina says, “I will help you, wait.”

Danny comes there and says, “Looks like someone is getting ready for the big day.”

Rihaan wears his suit and says, “Yes.”

Saina says, “You know, Danny, still weird you are dating an alien…”

Danny says, “It’s alright, she feels different here.”

Rihaan says, “Of course she will, she is from a different planet.”

Saina laughs and Danny says, “Sarcastic people.”


They then arrive at the facility and they go inside the room and they see Tanya on the bed and Rihaan flowers in his hand and Tanya slowly opens his eyes and she says, “Rihaan.”

Rihaan says, “Tanya…”

Tanya hugs him and says, “I have a headache.”

Rihaan says, “You have been sleeping or in a coma for a year.”

Tanya says, “A year.”

Rihaan says, “Ya.”

Tanya says, “Last thing I know was we were in London and.”

Rihaan says, “Don’t bring that up, it makes me feel guilty that I couldn’t save you from that demon.”   

Tanya says, “Don’t blame yourself; you did what anyone would have done.”

Rihaan says, “Still.”

Chang comes there and says, “There is my angel…”

Tanya says, “Hey, Chang…”

Chang hugs and Tanya then meets Saisha who is with Chang and Rihaan says, “There is someone more special who you would like to meet.”

Tanya says, “Who?”

Rihaan says, “As you were in coma, we shifted from here to Shimla and there was an accident where a family was involved and the parents died and their kids were safe and here they are, and I then adopted them.”

Saina and Danny come forward and Tanya says, “Hi guys, I am Tanya.”

Saina says, “Ya, I am Saina and he is my brother, Daniel and Rihaan has told me about a lot.”

Danny says, “Yeah, he missed you a lot.”

Tanya says, “I know.”

Rihaan says, “And yeah, she (Melisa in human form) saved you, you were like 75% alright, she brought you too 100%.”

Melisa says, “I am Melisa.”

Tanya says, “Hi, thanks for the help, I appreciate, you should have use some special medicines I suppose.”

Melisa changes her form and Tanya’s eyes go big and Melisa says, “No, just my powers.”

Tanya says, “Rihaan, why she looks weird?”

Rihaan says, “She is an alien actually, she is from Uranus and she has a brother named Ford, who ran off but she is good and now part of us.”

Danny says, “And I am dating her.”

Tanya says, “Ah-huh.”

Melisa turns back to human form and says, “I know it’s not easy to digest.”

Tanya says, “Damn right you are, Rihaan, what about JSF?”

Rihaan says, “We have some new people and the person who did this to you is our new enemy.”

Tanya says, “What, who?”

Chang says, “Dhruv Jaiswal aka Apocalypse.”

Rihaan says, “He wants to rule the City and we are trying to stop him.”

Tanya says, “I will help.”

Rihaan says, “No, no, no!!! You get alright first and then we will think or I perhaps will decide”

Tanya says, “What do you mean decide, I can help, Rihaan, he was the reason I was in a freaking coma for five years and I want revenge from him, you understand.”

Rihaan says, “I do understand, get alright please, you just have woken up. Let’s go home.”

Rihaan takes Tanya home and they have a fight again and he takes Tanya to the JSF base.

Tanya says, “Where are Shakti, Ryan and Tina?”

Chang says, “Shakti died of cancer and Ryan and Tina left as she was pregnant and Rihaan wanted her safe but news was they had a girl.”

Tanya says, “Okay.”

Danny and Melisa is at theatre and they go inside they see that screen is empty and they go in and Danny says, “The cinema personnel said the show is house full.”

They sit and people is black suits come in and they fill up rows behind and ahead of Danny and Melisa and Melisa says, “Why I think something is weird here?”

The movie starts and Apocalypse comes on screen and he says, “Hi, Danny and the alien, the thing is, I saw the whole scenes of what went down between JSF and the aliens and feels weird that you won and but now, I can start again to destroy you.”

Danny touches a steel piece and says, “Who the hell is stopping you?”

The men then attack them and Melisa gets up and fires lasers and beats them and Raptor starts fighting them and just then, Black Dragon comes and sees this and he removes a gun and fires a bullet and hits Melisa and she falls down and she starts to get hot and Raptor says, “Melisa, what you did to her?”

Black Dragon says, “It’s a fire bullet contains, a chemical that heats the body and I fired at her and now she might burn to death maybe.”

Surgeon out of nowhere comes and knocks Raptor out.


Raptor opens his eyes and sees this he is at an old factory and he then sees Melisa is hanging on a fire pool and Apocalypse says, “Feels hot, doesn’t it?”

He sees Raptor and says, “So you can absorb energy of any material and your body becomes that material, huh, (shows him a diamond), make me rich.”

Raptor gets down and he is all weak and he is made to touch the diamond and he becomes all diamond body and Surgeon punches him and diamonds break out of his body and he keeps the drill going.

Raptor gets a chance and he presses a button on his belt and signals JSF.


Rihaan and others are at the base, they get an alert and Chang says, “Its Danny and Melisa, they are at an old factory, Apocalypse.”

Rihaan looks at Tanya and says, “You are staying here.”

He goes to take his gear and Tanya looks at her gear and says, “No way.”

Rihaan comes back with his gear and wears it and wears the mask and sees Tanya is missing and says, “Where is she?”

Chang says, “She was right here….”

Rihaan says, “Great, she is meeting Apocalypse, she took her gear and she took my bike.”

Rihaan, Saina, Raghu and Chang then leave from base.


At the factory, one of Apocalypse’s henchmen comes and says, “Sir, there is a bike coming right at us.”

Apocalypse looks at Raptor and kicks him and he is smiling and says, “Mr. R, let us see what he does, ready the men.”

The men then take their guns and Apocalypse sees through cameras and says, “That’s not Mr. R, it is someone else.”

The person on the bike starts firing at the  men and steps down from the bike and removes the Browning and fires it and explodes some areas of the factory and Melisa where she is hanging, one side of ropes starts to break  and Raptor sees this and fights some men and he goes at save her.

The person then comes inside the factory and fights some men and Apocalypse comes and says, “Bravo, whoever you are messing my plan may be new member of JSF, huh?”

The person says, “Not new, Dhruv, I was there from the beginning and I was there in London too years back when you destroyed me.”

Apocalypse says, “London, Tanya!!!!”

The person shows her eyes and says, “Call me, Angel, freak!!!!”

Apocalypse says, “You still look sexy, more work had to be done.”

Angel then removes her swords and Apocalypse takes a rod and they start their fight and just then another explosion takes place, Mr. R and Leo show up and they fight the men present there, White Dragon and Black Rose see Raptor and save them.

Black Dragon sees his brother and he starts firing at him and Surgeon sees Black Rose and attacks her.

Angel hits Apocalypse and says, “You destroyed me and my family.”

Apocalypse smiles and says, “That I did, it was nice that time someone provoked me to do it or I should say, someone made me do it and it made me go on all sexy on you.”

Angel says, “What?”

Apocalypse says, “Yeah, baby, I was going to leave from the bar, but that guy provoked me to insult you, your husband and your body.”

Angel kicks him and says, “Who was he?”

Apocalypse says, “I am not telling that…”

He pushes her and takes a car and leaves.

White Dragon sees Black Dragon and throws Ninja Disks and hurts him and he leaves from there and takes Surgeon with him.

Raptor in time reaches Melisa and frees her.

Mr. R comes at Angel and says, “Are you okay?”

Angel says, “Ya.”


The next day, Tanya is at the mountain point where she and Rihaan love to hang out and Rihaan comes and says, “Hey, you were silent the moment you back to the base.”

Tanya says, “Nothing, it’s just, we are punishing Apocalypse for what he did, but he said, someone provoked or manipulated him raping me, he also deserves the same punishment.”

Rihaan says, “Yes, the person deserves that punishment, first we have to find him.”

Saina then calls them for dinner and Tanya smiles and says, “Nice work you adopted those kids, proud of you.”

Rihaan says, “Yeah.”

Tanya says, “Still feels weird that Danny is dating an alien.”

Rihaan laughs and says, “We have to get used to it.”

He then gets a text which says, “Hey, bro, I am coming back…”

Tanya says, “Who is it?”

Rihaan says, “An old friend is coming back.”

They are all having dinner at the mountain point.


After some days it is raining heavily and Apocalypse is seen on a roof top and he is laughing loudly and Surgeon is seeing this and Lee comes and says, “What happened to him?”

Surgeon says, “I don’t know, I showed him a photo of Rihaan and his friends and he deducted their identities and like for an hour he is been laughing madly.”


Apocalypse says, “Rihaan, ha, ha, now we will have some real fun, people say that when people provoke you or manipulate you, you do those things and I know you will punish me or kill me, but it will be fun when you see the provoker, ha, ha, ha, ha…”

Roy is seen on a plane headed to Mumbai and he sees a text on his mobile which shows a picture of Rihaan and Tanya and it is written, ‘She is finally here’ and he says, “Oh my God!!!!”

The flight takes off.






            Rihaan and Tanya are in their car and they are leaving for the airport and Tanya says, “So, why haven’t I heard of this Roy guy?”

            Rihaan says, “Because, he wasn’t around, me, Jeet and Roy were best friends and he left to be in the army and then he became a mercenary and he was given a job in Sri Lanka and he wasn’t able to complete it and was sent to jail and he was inside the jail for years, seven years to be exact and one day I got news, where he was and me and other guys brought him out and his skills include that he doesn’t miss his target, alright?”

            Tanya says, “Good for me.”

            Rihaan says, “Okay, here we are.”

            They reach the airport and after sometime, Roy comes out from the door and he sees them.

            Roy says, “Hey guys.”

            Rihaan hugs him and says, “She is Tanya.”

            Roy says, “Ya, I know, he told me about you and I have seen you at the hospital.”

            Tanya says, “Rihaan is glad that you are back.”

            They sit in the car and Rihaan says, “Roy, how come you are back?”

            Roy says, “Was missing you a lot, (laughs), we had no missions there and we were finding some but couldn’t get any, so our team separated and I came back to the family.”

Rihaan says, “Nice thing you did.”


They arrive home and Saina and Danny come out and they see Roy and Roy shakes hands with Danny and when he shake hands with Saina, she gets visions and she looks at Roy and then she looks at Tanya and Tanya says, “What happened?”

Saina goes inside her room and she is a bit emotional and Rihaan tells Roy that she can read minds via touch and Roy says, “Oh that is nice.”

Tanya goes inside Saina’s room and Tanya says, “What happened, what’s wrong?”

Saina says, “Nothing, it’s just, he is a mercenary so I saw many killings and lives destroyed and so I got emotional and all.”

Tanya says, “Alright.”

She leaves the room and Danny comes and says, “Why I feel that what you told wasn’t right?”

Danny leaves and Saina in a low voice says, “No, it is not.”


            In the evening, there is a get-together where all JSF members are there and Roy meets everyone and he is seen drinking and Rihaan says, “You look way silent the time you have come, what happened?”

            Roy says, “Nothing, I have been awake a lot due to missions and killing people who have tried to kill me and just needed some rest and one thing I don’t get.”

            Danny comes there and Roy looks at him and says, “How come he is dating an alien?”

            Rihaan is laughing and Danny says, “People are okay with getting powers from an alien and using it to protect the people and why I cannot date an alien…”

            Roy says, “Just kidding.”

            Later, they are all dancing and somehow, Saina and Roy dance and they are holding hands while dancing and Saina gets all visions again and she looks at Roy and she leaves off and Roy is left there.

            Rihaan says, “What is wrong with her, in the morning she did the same…”

            Roy goes to the bar and takes a drink and looks at Saina with Tanya who is trying to console her.


            The next day, in the evening, Saina gets a text, ‘Meet me in the night at this place (there is a picture message which shows a top of a building) – MAVERICK’

            Saina sees her gear and leaves the base.


            At night,

 Black Rose arrives on top of the building and she sees Maverick there and she says, “How could you?”

            Maverick says, “That time I didn’t know that was Tanya, I was helping my friend…”

Black Rose says, “What if I tell Rihaan or Tanya?”

Maverick says, “If that is the punishment I deserve, I don’t mind.”

Black Rose says, “Punishment!!!! You deserve death, dammit.”

She leaves the place and she gets an alert saying that Bulldog has attacked the City and Mr. R and Angel are there fighting it.

She leaves to help them and Maverick stays there and she looks at him for a moment but then leaves.


At the City,

Mr. R is seen throwing knives at Bulldog and he then hits mini missiles at him and Mr. R dodges it and Angel shoots Bulldog but nothing happens to it.

Raptor comes there and attacks with steel swords and he hits some strikes and Melisa helps him with lasers. They both fail and Black Rose comes and helps them.

Mr. R says, “We need something effective.”

Just then, a bullet comes and hits Bulldog creating a hole inside him and they look and they see Maverick pointing the gun at Bulldog and Maverick says, “Let finish this.”

He then goes at him and shoots at him and creates another hole in Bulldog and Raptor uses the sword and tries expanding the hole and when it expands and Mr. R throws mini bombs and the bombs get inside the holes and exploding Bulldog.

Raptor says, “Apocalypse will make more like these.”

Mr. R says, “It’s alright, we won today, thanks Maverick.”

Maverick says, “Don’t mention it.”

Angel says, “Where were you and you too (looks at Black Rose)?”

Maverick says, “I was finding a way to kill Bulldog.”

Black Rose says, “Me too.”

They all leave and the Roy is in the house with Rihaan and they are talking and Saina is seeing them and Danny comes and says, “What is up with you?”

Saina says, “What are you talking?”

Danny says, “The day Roy has come, you have been acting weird, what is happening. Please tell me.”

Saina says, “You want to know?”

Danny nodes and she takes him inside her room and she holds his hands and tells Danny to close his eyes and after sometime, Danny sees the same visions and he says, “What???? How could he??? Oh no!!!!”

Tanya sees this as she sees them heading them inside the room and then she looks at Roy.


At a place,

Apocalypse is seen dancing and Blacks Dragon says to Surgeon, “Is he alright?”

Apocalypse says, “Of course I am, the thing is, I have found the one who provoked and manipulated me that day and the special thing is, he is in JSF and he has two choices.”

Surgeon says, “Two choices, what are they?”

Apocalypse says, “One, he will die a guilt’s death or he has to join us and make the JSF suffer.”

Black Dragon says, “Who is he?”

Apocalypse says, “It’s a surprise.”

He is seen laughing then for a long time.


On the other side,

A car comes in front of a warehouse and a man comes out of it and he come inside and he sees a lots and lots of ice and he sees Ford sleeping and the man smiles at him.






            Tanya sees Roy and she then again looks at Saina and Danny and goes inside their room and it surprises them but they say nothing and she leaves at the base and she asks Chang and Raghu about Roy, but they tell the same thing that Rihaan had already told her.

            She is in a car and she comes to a hotel and she is having a coffee and she gets a call and she picks it up and from the other side, “Hello, Angel.”

            Tanya gets shocked and she starts looking everywhere and she says, “Who is this?”

            From the other side, “It’s Apocalypse, the person who had fun with you.”

            Tanya says, “How dare you call me, you jerk?”

            Apocalypse says, “Why shouldn’t I, I am trying to help…”

            Tanya says, “Ya, right, help, how is it?”

            Apocalypse says, “Yes, my love, help, you trying to find about the provoker right and also your love’s friend, Roy????”

            Tanya says, “Ya.”


She then sees Apocalypse at a table in front of her and he smiles at her and a waiter comes to her with an envelope and the waiter is actually Surgeon and Tanya opens and it is an address and Apocalypse says, “Meet the person there and he will tell you the truth.”

            Tanya then uses the Maps and she gets to know that the address is in Sri Lanka and she goes to the place.

            When she reaches the place, she comes to that address and meets the guy says, “I know, Apocalypse has sent you, whatever I am saying, please hear it carefully.”

            Tanya says, “What is it?”

            The guy says, “It is right, Roy was in jail for some years and it was an illegal confinement where he was and Apocalypse brought him out for a month for some business, I don’t know where but it was illegal and he returned after some days.”

            Tanya says, “You mean Apocalypse and Roy know each other?”

            The guy nodes as a yes and he says, “They do, I know all this, I was there when this deal happened, I was a constable working at that jail and I would be dead but luckily I am alive.”

            The guy then tells her to leave then and she returns back home and she gets a call again and it is Apocalypse and he says, “Now, you have just heard of it, dear, the other half, bring JSF to this place.”


            The JSF then arrives to a hall like place where there is a stage and there are Apocalypse’s men in suits and skull masks.

            Apocalypse then arrives and Mr. R says, “You do have death wish it seems, Apocalypse?”

            Apocalypse goes on the stage and says, “I don’t actually, the reason I actually I called you here was quite simple. We have here someone that is trying to find out who provoked me to rape this beautiful person and destroy her, I know Mr. R, and you will kill us both, when you come to know who the provoker is?”

            Leo says, “Who is he?”

            Apocalypse gets down from the stage and takes a mike and says, “Ladies and Gentlemen, let us recap that incident what happened five years, I had a business deal in London with some ‘friends’ and when I was going to return, me and colleagues stopped at a pub/bar and there I saw, (looks at Angel), her and I was mesmerized by her beauty and then I made a move on her and at first we talked and had drinks too but when the time for some lovely moments, (looks at Mr. R) a hero stepped in and made the save and then we all know what happened. So the problem here is I am just a person who was simple, I could have killed you guys, but I didn’t because someone provoked me doing me to Tanya that I had fun doing it and who is this who did this?”

            Apocalypse moves ahead and says, “Just come out…”

            The JSF start looking at each other and Maverick moves ahead and goes to Apocalypse and says, “Roy aka Maverick aka the Provoker…”

            All are shocked seeing this and Mr. R goes on his knees and looks at Maverick and says, “You were in jail for the last seven years…”

            Roy (removes his mask) says, “Ya, I was, Apocalypse wanted me to seal the deal in London and so he came to that prison and brought me out for a month for completing the deal and so I did go to London and saw Apocalypse flirting with Tanya and you saving her and you leaving and that time I didn’t know that was Tanya and so I was also angry on her and only way to destroy a girl or woman’s life is to lower her respect and so I told Apocalypse to and I also joined him and I was the person who hit you in the head in the parking.”

            Angel hears all this and says, “How could you?”

            Roy says, “I said, I didn’t know you that time that you were Rihaan’s wife and the kids here, know about this.”

            Apocalypse is seen smiling and Mr. R gets up and says, “I cannot forgive what you did, no, no.”

            He then attacks Roy with a knife and Roy dodges the knife attacks and they have a small fight and Apocalypse tells his people to stand down and let Roy and Mr. R fight.

            Roy then kicks Mr. R badly and he falls on the ground and Roy says, “I don’t mind you having this way.”

            He then goes to the Apocalypse and he shows his hand to shake and Roy just leaves from there leaving Mr. R and his team hurt and in sorrow.

            Apocalypse whispers at Mr. R, “HE also raped her…”           


            Mr. R removes his mask and puts it on the ground and Rihaan is seen remembering all the moments of friendship of him, Jeet and Roy and Tanya consoles him.

            Apocalypse and Roy are in a car and Apocalypse says, “So, welcome to our team…”

            Roy says, “I am not part of the team, I will leave you and don’t worry, you will dead, I will see for myself.”

            Apocalypse says, “We have already hurt them bad….”


            He is then laughing and Roy sees the whole incident in visions as he provoked Apocalypse and then hit Rihaan in the head and also raped Tanya.

            Ujwal Naik is seen at a place far away from the City and some more officers are with them and the place is like a way deep inside in the ground with many rooms inside and one of the officers says, “Why are we here, sir?”

            Ujwal Naik says, “This house is of no use, so we are using it for Special Prisons and so when we or Mr. R catches someone, we bring him here.”

            The officer says, “So we are supporting Mr. R?”

            Ujwal Naik says, “Yes, we are…”

            The prison doors close one by one as they all leave the place.



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