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8. MR. R-



            Rihaan, Saina and Danny are at a hotel in the evening for dinner and Saina says, “How’s Tanya?”

            Rihaan says, “She is getting good now, I hope she gets all good.”

            Danny says, “How did your love story start?”

            Rihaan says, “I was 15, 16, she was living near the house and her parents were in IT company and we met like once or twice and we were friends for six years and one day I was kidnapped and I was there with them for six months and a great friend rescued me, trained me and I came back and she told me that she loved me and we were together since then.”

            Saina says, “Was she in your team?”

            Rihaan says, “Yes, her other name is ‘ANGEL’.”

            Danny says, “Nice.”


            Suddenly, something starts happening to the lights of the hotel and then the City and they come outside and people see something in the sky and Danny says, “Is that a spaceship?”

            Rihaan says, “Those are two spaceships, guys….”

            The spaceships then crash on a ground and it stays for a while.

            Rihaan reaches to the base and with the kids and Chang says, “It hasn’t moved yet.”

            Danny says, “Wasn’t the Mars thing enough for people, huh!!!”

            Chang laughs it off and he says, “If something dangerous turns out, we were just fighting criminals and terrorists, we have aliens then on our list.”


            A day later, the spaceships opens and two aliens come out and one is a tall female and other a short stout male and police forces arrive there and some news channels with scientists too.

            The female looks at them and she says, “Smile, Ford.”

            The male looks at her and says, “I don’t smile, Melisa. The people, they make me feel weird.”

            Melisa, the female says, “I don’t think so, if they come to our planet, they will feel weird too, so chill.”


            Ujwal Naik then comes there and takes a megaphone and says, “Feeling weird, we are used to talk to terrorists and criminals, excuse me, I am Ujwal Naik, The Commisioner of Police, why are you here?”

            The male, Ford says, “Why!!! We are here for resources.”

            Melisa smiles and says, “I wanted to enjoy but you have to say it out loud.”

            Ford then shows a holographic clip of water bodies and minerals like oil and metals and Ujwal Naik says, “They want the whole earth.”

            Melisa says, “Damn straight.”


            Rihaan and others are seeing this and Chang says, “What now?”

            Rihaan says, “Gear up.”

            Ujwal Naik then orders the cops to shoot and the scientists tell them not to as they don’t like abilities and powers and he then says, “Shoot them.”

            Melisa smiles and when the bullets come at them and her eyes blink and a huge piece of ground comes up as a shield and it comes back down and she fires lasers from her eyes and explodes the cars.

            Ford then comes ahead and two circles like something come out of his back and he fires lasers from it and they both attack the police.

            Chang says, “Now?”

            Rihaan says, “Let’s go.”

            They leave the base.


            Melisa and Ford reach inside the City and a missile comes and hits near them and when they look in the direction and they see someone with a missile launcher and Ford says, “Who is he?”

            Melisa says, “He is wearing a mask though.”

            Mr. R is with the missile launcher and says, “Now, you should stop.”

            Ford says, “Bad step, human!!!”

            Ford fires some lasers and Mr. R dodges it and throws some knives at Ford and just then, Melisa attacks him and they have a hand combat and sometime later, Black Rose come and hits Ford and Melisa sees this and she fires a laser but Raptor saves Black Rose.

            Mr. R then takes a chance and hits Melisa with a knife and she starts bleeding with blue blood and they leave inside their spaceship.

            Mr. R takes a sample of the blood and leaves with the team.


            They reach the base and Rihaan says, “They said resources, they want.”

            Danny says, “The females said she wanted to enjoy and enjoying must be meaning destroying stuff.”

            Saina says, “Damn right.”

            Rihaan says, “We are not fighting criminals and terrorists, they want our planet and they want it now and they have powers.”

            Raghu says, “The fight is still on.”


            At the spaceship,

Ford repairs Melisa’s body and he says, “These humans have some nice technology and fighters, I must say, this hero was good and he had a team too, we have to be cautious.”

            Melisa is on a table and she sees something on her body and it is a blood stain and she touches it and she closes her eyes and she feels something and she comes to know it is Mr. R’s blood and she sees visions and she says, “We can break them too.”  



9. MR.R-



            Rihaan is sleeping at his house and just then his bedroom door opens and Saina comes inside wakes him up and she says, “Dad, wake up, come fast.”

            Rihaan says, “What happened?”

            He comes at the hall and the kids are seeing TV and there is news, “This is breaking news, the aliens that arrived in this City some days back, they did create havoc but the police and JSF attacked and defeated them and now what we are seeing that the spaceship that the aliens had arrived is disappeared, the scientists are taking samples of soil and material to test in labs.”

            Danny says, “That’s weird.”

            Rihaan says, “Weird, they have technology advanced than us, it is somewhere in the City, they want resources from here.”

            He then tells the kids to sleep back.


            Danny is seen some thoughts and he goes back inside his room.


            Next day, Dr. Anjali is at her lab and Ujwal Naik arrives and she looks at him and says, “Any new news on the aliens?”

            Ujwal Naik says, “After the spaceship has disappeared, nothing has come up.”

            Dr. Anjali says, “It’s still weird huh, aliens coming on Earth and then coming to this City and talking about taking our resources.”

            Ujwal Naik says, “We would have done the same if we had gone to their planet, but not in a cruel way.”

            Dr. Anjali says, “What about Mr. R, he kind of helped you guys?”

            Ujwal Naik says, “He is still helping us in his own ways and his friends too.”


            At the base,

Rihaan is looking at Melisa’s blood inside the tube and Saisha (Chang’s wife) comes and says, “You are staring that tube from a long time, Rihaan?”

            Rihaan says, “We have to test this, this may contain some kind of clue to their weakness…”

            Saisha says, “I know someone that can help.”


At night,

 Dr. Anjali is leaving home and she goes to the washroom and comes back sees all lights are off and she smiles and says, “Are you here?”

            From behind, “Yes.”

            Mr. R comes and says, “Yes, I am.”

            Dr. Anjali says, “What happened?”

            Mr. R shows her the blood tube and she says, “What is this?”

            Mr. R says, “The two aliens that came some days back, one is Melisa and other is Ford, we had a fight with them and this happens to be, Melisa’s blood, test and analyze this and tell me if you can find some weakness.”

            Dr. Anjali says, “I will give it a shot.”

            Mr. R gives her a beeper like pin and when she finds something, she can contact him.


            Next day, there is the spaceship of Melisa and Ford inside and, Ford says, “We have to show our true power, Mel.”

            Melisa then transforms into a guy and says, “Sure.”

            Ford smiles and says, “Let us start our mission.”

            The other day,

Rihaan is inside his cabin at the Company and Mr. James shows up and Rihaan is shocked and they meet and as Rihaan leaves and he sees Rihaan’s computer for a while and then leaves.


In the evening,

 Rihaan is at the gym and he gets a call saying that lots of material was exported and he says, “When I did that?”

            The assistant says that Mr. James ordered it and he then calls Mr. James and he says, “I didn’t place any order, son.”

            Rihaan says, “What, you came to meet me today in the office and we were talking about stuff and material.”

            Mr. James says, “I am not there in the City, how will I come to meet you?”

            Rihaan says, “Whoa.”

            He reaches the base and Saina comes at the base in an angry mood and he says, “What happened?”

            Saina says, “It’s Marvin, he was behaving weird, first he called me and then was behaving like a pervert, yeah, we like each other, but getting touchy and all.”

            Rihaan says, “Two things, you like Marvin and second, what is with getting touchy and all?”

            Saina says, “Yeah.”

            Marvin then enters the base with the bike and he is in a three piece suit and when he removes his helmet and Rihaan says, “You son of a *****!!!!”

            Marvin says, “Whoa, what are you saying, I should be saying that to you on what you were behaving with my dad over the phone.”

            Rihaan says, “What? Your dad came to my office and talked about stuff and material and plus he ordered stuff in huge amounts and plus you behaved like a weirdo with my daughter.”

            Marvin says, “What are you saying? Me and my dad were in a wedding the entire day outside the City and when Dad told me how you behaved, I came here to confront and now, you Saina, babe, if I was outside the City the entire day how would I be touchy and weirdo, you would have touched me and known me.”

            Saina says, “I did also touch you but I couldn’t read your mind, why was that, you were in the same suit.”

            Rihaan says, “Aliens could have done that, Melisa, she could have taken Mr. James and then Marvin and then made a fool out of us.”

            Saina says, “I cannot read an alien’s mind unless some human has a way to stop me.”

            Rihaan says, “We have to find their weakness.”


            Dr. Anjali is testing the blood and she sees something and she presses the pin and sometime she goes out for a smoke and she comes and she sees Mr. R on a table and she says, “You are way curious.”

            Mr. R says, “What did you find?”

            Dr. Anjali says, “These aliens have come from Uranus planet, the coldest planet of all in the planet system, seeing it’s conditions, the moons they have were behaving weird and so, the aliens have come here and to take our resources and rebuild their, like we have a facility, they want their own. So talking about weakness, if there is extreme coldness so what do we use?”

            Mr. R says, “Fire.”

            Dr. Anjali says, “Extreme high fire.”

            Mr. R sits on his bike then calls at base and says, “Any word on the spaceship?”

            Saisha says, “I was looking at some places and I found something weird, where do we have a huge ice palace?”

            Mr. R says, “Amusement park, where is Danny?”

            Saina then calls Danny and he is at a pub and he says, “I am trying to find a date for myself, alright.”

            Saina says, “Is someone disturbing you?”

            Danny says, “No, no, it’s just, you have a boyfriend, I don’t have a girlfriend, bye!!!”

Saina says, “Mad…”


Danny is at a table and a girl comes to him and they start talking and they chat, laugh and dance.

After sometime, she leaves and Danny says, “Perfect.”


At the amusement park,

Mr. R and Leo reach and then Raptor reaches and they see the ice palace and Ford sees this from his alien cameras and he presses a button and sometime later, some ice androids come out and they attack the heroes.

Mr. R attacks them and kills some and Leo beats them bad, Raptor turns to iron and helps them both.

Mr. R then goes ahead and they see Ford and he fires lasers and just then Melisa comes and attacks Mr. R. Raptor sees this and he helps Mr. R and he sees Melisa and they have a fight and Melisa stops for a bit and hits a powerful laser on Raptor and Ford looks at Melisa and says, “Where were you?”

Melisa looks at Raptor and says, “Out.”

Mr. R then throws a fire grenade but Ford blasts it off and the JSF leaves from there.


Next day,

Danny is in a happy mood and he comes for breakfast and Rihaan says, “Alright, we lost yesterday but you don’t have to happy about it.”

Danny says, “It’s not that, I was happy because of my date yesterday and we are meeting again.”

Saina says, “What’s her name?”

Danny says, “Rita.”

Rihaan says, “Nice name.”

            Danny leaves for a bath and Saina says, “Feels awkward that he got a date today.”

            Rihaan smiles it off.


            Ford and Melina are at their spaceship and Melina says, “I have to meet Rihaan again, I will break him apart.”

            Melina in some other girl form reaches the company and sees Rihaan’s assistant and she becomes her and she goes inside the Company and she sees that he got a call and he leaves somewhere and she follows him changing into various forms and he goes to an old house and comes after long hours and one day, Rihaan is at the gym, Raghu comes to him and they meet and he leaves immediately and Rihaan is confused and then Raghu comes back and Rihaan says, “You just came, right?”

            Raghu says, “No.”

            Rihaan immediately leaves the gym and sees the fake Raghu and follows him and the fake Raghu goes inside an alley and just then, a knife comes from behind and he dodges and becomes Melisa and she sees Mr. R there and he says, “Enough with fake faces.”

            Melisa says, “It’s one of my powers, what I am not allowed to use it.”

            Mr. R attacks her and they have a fight and Mr. R throws another fire grenade on her and she starts burning for a moment but she then runs off and when he follows her and sees that she has turned into someone else and ran off.

            Mr. R comes back inside and sees some device and it turns out to be a mobile and he says, “Why does an alien need a mobile?”

            He sees a text saying, ‘Meet me at Miami Pub at 9.’

            Mr. R removes his gear and goes to the pub.


            At the pub, Rihaan comes with Chang, after sometime, Chang says, “Is that Danny?”

            Rihaan looks and it is Danny and after sometime, a girl comes and meets him and Rihaan says, “She is cute.”

            They sit back and sit for some time, Chang sees the number and dials it and Danny’s phone rings and Rihaan sees this and dials it back and Danny says, “You have your phone right, why are you calling me?”

            Rita says, “I don’t know…”

            Rihaan and Chang look at each other and they say, “DANNY IS DATING AN ALIEN.”


            They reach the base and they tell Raghu, Saina and Saisha.

            Saina says, “It’s turning weirder.”

            They tell Danny and he says, “How this can be?”

            Danny is at his house and he comes with a plan. The next day, Danny meets Rita and they go outside the City and Danny says, “Sorry, I am doing this.”

            He removes a fire grenade and Rita turns to Melisa and she says, “Please stop.”

            Danny says, “Damn.”

            Melisa says, “Please stop, yes, I am an alien and I don’t know I got attracted to you, I don’t have a brain and heart like yours but I somehow liked you and I came to destroy you like I was doing with your family but I don’t know when it came to you, I wanted to be Rita and spend time with you.”

            Danny says, “You are an alien and you knocked me out.”

            Melisa says, “Alien, I cannot change but knocking you out was difficult for me but it was for Ford.”

            Danny says, “Yeah, Ford, what is he like your father?”

            Melisa says, “No, he is my older brother.”

            Danny says, “What?”

            Melisa says, “Yeah, Ford is like very much focused in saving our planet and so we had friends but when they just fled and he became more focused and when he saw me enjoying and stuff he liked it but when he took the mission seriously, I joined him but after seeing you, I became me, you were also thinking about me. Right?”

            Danny says, “Ya.”

            He throws off the fire grenade and hugs her.

            Danny says, “What about Ford?”

            Melisa says, “We have to stop him, I told him where Tanya is.”

            Danny says, “How?”

            Melisa says, “I followed Rihaan and I went as Rihaan and went to that place and saw her and saw her condition and best thing I can treat her.”

            Danny says, “That’s brilliant and we have to call Rihaan.”

            Melisa and Danny leave from there and Rihaan gets the call and he leaves to the place with others.

            They arrive and they see Raptor and Melisa together and Black Rose says, “She still with you?”

            Raptor says, “She is helping us.”

            Mr. R says, “We will see that later.”

            They arrive inside and they see that security are dead and injured, they arrive inside and they see Tanya’s body is not there and Ford comes and attacks them. Ford says, “What are you doing with them Melisa?”

            Melisa says, “We have the things we need and we can stay for a while, you know for someone (Looks at Raptor), leave her.”

            Ford says, “No way, sister.”

            He brings Tanya she is like in air and Mr. R jumps and grabs her and Melisa attacks Ford and they have a fight and Ford says, “You betray me for a this human?”

            Melisa says, “He is a nice guy and I love him.”

            Raptor comes and punches Ford and Raptor says, “I love you too.”

            White Dragon attacks Ford and hits him with some ninja disks and Ford gets injured and he destroys the whole facility and he increases his own power and Melisa says, “Only one way to end it.”

            She takes a fire grenade and throws it and it burns Ford and he runs off.

            Mr. R puts Tanya on bed and Melisa looks at her and analyzes her and she just touches her and she says, “Done, she will wake up in sometime.”

            Melisa then tells that she and Ford had sent the things already to their planet from here.

            Mr. R says, “Thanks.”

            They are at the base, Danny looks at Rihaan and he says, “What are you looking at me?”

            Danny tells him to look at Melisa and Rihaan and says, “Alright, she is in JSF.”

            Danny hugs Rihaan and leaves.

            Danny comes at Melisa and she turns into a human form (Rita) and Danny says, “This is fine.”

            They are talking and Danny says, “You said, Ford is your older brother, how old are you?”

            Melisa leaves saying, “Girls don’t tell their ages.”

            Danny says, “Damn, I am scared now.”

            Others are seeing this and Saisha says, “Great, we have an alien in our team.”


            On the other side,

Ford is seeing his burns and a huge truck comes and it has huge ice cubes inside and someone comes out and he says, “You and I hate some mutual people, JSF I mean.”


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