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MR.R The Icon Of Justice-


        As in the former series, Rihaan made a decision that he would separate JSF and send them to different places to prevent crime from happening and thus in the City right now, Rihaan, Tanya, Raghu are present as Tanya is retired from J.S.F., she works as the tech person of the JSF.

The Cruel Faction is inside the Fort where there is maximum security put to keep them inside.

Some days later,

 Rihaan meets Ujwal Naik and he arranges a meeting with Roy inside the Fort.


Rihaan is inside a room and Roy comes and sees him and smiles and says, “Hi, Rihaan. You missed me?”

Rihaan says, “No, but beating you I missed and that is for sure, Tanya is still angry on you and as Apocalypse is dead, she might forgive you.”

Roy says, “You do crack some nice jokes, Apocalypse is dead, that one is good, he isn’t dead, I know that bastard, he will live, you should have cut his head off but no, your wife just put a sword through his chest, you saw him falling down a cliff but I am ready to put a bet, Apocalypse is alive and he will come back and create havoc in your life again.”

Rihaan gets up from his chair and says, “I will stop him like I have done.”

Roy says, “Okay… Won’t Ujwal Naik figure out that you are Mr. R?”

Rihaan says, “I hacked into the system, my and Mr. R fingerprints are different here and so he has no chance to find out.”

Rihaan leaves and Roy keeps on looking at him leave.


In Kashmir,

Saina and Marvin are on a holiday with each other and they stop inside a market and they do some shopping and as they leave the market, they step inside the car and as they go ahead, many police cars follow them and when they stop at a signal, police cars surround them and Marvin says, “Why I feel something is weird is happening?”

Just then the car back moves and a truck comes and hits Saina’s car from behind and just then some police car doors open and men come with guns  in their hands and they start firing at them and Marvin takes the car and there is a chase going on later.

As both of them don’t have any weapons, they try to get rid of the cars and Saina sees some knives put up and she takes them and throws them on the cars exploding them.

As they go on a highway and a guy comes out of a car and stands at a distance and he shoots a missile from his missile launcher and explodes Marvin’s car and the car goes upside down.

Then the men come and bring out Saina and Marvin and Saina touches one of them and says, “These are mercenaries, not of The Cruel Faction.”

The guy who had shot down the car comes ahead and looks at both of them and Marvin says, “Who are you?”

The guy says, “I am, LETHAL FURY, the leader of this group called, Dark-heart.”

Saina says, “What you want?”

Fury comes ahead and throws a photo and Saina and Marvin look each other and Saina says, “He is in jail.”

Fury says, “I want him here so that I can kill him, so to make it interesting, you are coming with us.”

Fury takes Saina with her and they see Marvin is left and later gets knocked out.

Same night, Rihaan is at his house and having dinner at the party as he called for a meeting dinner and just then his phone rings and he picks it up and he says, “Hey, Marvin, how’s the trip going?”

Marvin says, “There is a huge problem, Saina is kidnapped.”

Rihaan says, “What? What are you saying?”

Marvin says, “A group of mercenaries kidnapped her, we tried our best to get out but we failed and she was taken away.”

Rihaan tells Tanya about Saina getting kidnapped and Rihaan tells Raghu to tell the guests to leave the party and Rihaan leaves for Kashmir with both of them.

As they reach, they reach at the hospital and they see Marvin in the bed and Rihaan says, “Who did this?”

Marvin says, “Some guy called, Lethal Fury, he has a mercenary group called Dark-Heart, he wants him.”

Marvin shows them the photo and Rihaan says, “Why him?”

Marvin says, “I don’t know, I just feel bad that they took her away.”

Tanya says, “You did your best…”

Rihaan says, “(Looks at the photo) only he can tell us what is going on.”


Rihaan returns to the City and asks Ujwal Naik to meet Roy.

Rihaan holds Roy high and says, “Who is Lethal Fury?”

Roy says, “What, why him, what he did?”

Rihaan says, “He took Saina away when he and Marvin were in Kashmir, who is he?”

He shows Roy the photo and Roy says, “It’s, Lethal Fury is actually the leader of a mercenary group, they are actually the rivals of my group but when my group, some died and some left, I killed their leader and that is the reason I came back to your City knowing I would fail and so Fury wants me dead and he must have got this photo and he must have tracked down you and your family and so he got Saina.”

Rihaan punches him and Ujwal Naik comes inside the room and Rihaan says, “I want my daughter back.”

Roy says, “You have to exchange me with Saina with Fury, how much I remember I cannot get out of here.”

The guards take Roy away.

Rihaan reaches the base and Raghu says, “We will find some way, boss.”

Rihaan says, “I am worried about her now.”

In Kashmir, Saina wakes up inside her prison at a hideout and a guy comes and gives her food and water and she says, “Who are you?”

The guy says, “I am, Bobby aka Swift, I am Fury’s right hand, eat the food, babe.”

            Saina looks at Swift leaving and says, “Damn, he has some horrible past.”


            Rihaan is at the base and sees the overview of the Fort and also its layout and Tanya says, “Are you planning his escape?”

            Rihaan says, “Ya, I am. We have to save Saina and they want Roy, as it is, in a way we wanted him dead, those guys will kill him and we will have Saina back.”

            Tanya says, “It is kind of a huge risk.”

            Rihaan says, “I have to take that risk, when it comes to family, no risk is huge.

            Tanya says, “How to bring him out?”

            Rihaan says, “I have an idea.”


            The next day, Rihaan goes inside again and calls Roy to get more information and as always Roy doesn’t tell anything and the guards come and take him but while taking, Rihaan slips and collides with Roy and he hits him with his pen and Roy says, “You didn’t fall on me by mistake, what you did?”

            Rihaan winks at him and leaves the Fort.


            Roy is inside his prison room and he starts vomiting and he falls down and the guards come and check him and see that he has gone unconscious and they call a convoy to take him to the hospital and he is put inside the trailer like vehicle.

            As they are on the road, there is a stop sign there put up and the convoy stops and Ujwal Naik sees this and says, “What is happening?”


            Just then a helicopter comes and Mr. R comes out of it and Ujwal Naik looks and Mr. R jumps on the trailer and hooks it up with helicopter and Ujwal Naik says, “NO!!!!”

            The helicopter goes up and Mr. R makes a hole in the vehicle and takes Roy from inside and drops the vehicle on the road.

            Mr. R then injects Roy with an injection and Roy wakes up and says, “What the hell did you do?”

            Mr. R says, “I inserted you with a chemical which gives people headaches and vomits and then in the end unconscious.”


            They hear something and they see many helicopters behind them and Ujwal Naik is in one of them and says, “Land down the helicopter, R or else we have to bring them down.”

            Roy says, “They have huge machine guns on the helicopter.”

            Mr. R says, “I saw it.”

            The guns start firing and Roy says, “They are firing, you can drive right?”

            Mr. R says, “Yes, I can….”

            Roy says, “They are closing at us.”

            Mr. R says, “Thanks for the commentary, Roy, now shut it.”

            Roy says, “I don’t want to be a mean guy, who gave you an idea of getting such a huge helicopter and flying it around and playing cop and thief…”


            Mr. R smiles at him and kicks him and Roy falls out of the helicopter and he falls down on a boat in the river and Raghu is on the boat and he says, “Had a good time inside the prison?”

            Roy says, “I cannot forget you, Raghu and that did hurt, hero…”

            Mr. R says, “I thought your liked heights.”

            Roy smirk laughs at Mr. R and just then, speed boats are following them and Mr. R looks at Raghu and says, “My part now.”

            Raghu shows his huge paw at Roy and says, “You betray him, I will kill you.”

            Raghu turns to Leo and attacks the people inside the speed boats and Mr. R and Roy go ahead.


            They reach to a point and they see a plane with Tanya near it and Mr. R removes his mask.

            Roy says, “Can you remove these chains now?”

            Rihaan says, “You look nice in it.”

            Roy says, “Ha ha.” 

            They come at Tanya and she goes and slaps Roy and she says, “I hate you…”

            Roy says, “I like her…”

            Tanya says, “You betray him.”

            Roy says, “Wait, wait, let me guess, you will kill me.”

            They sit inside the plane and Tanya leaves from there.


            Inside the plane, Roy says, “Why don’t you kill me now?”

            Rihaan says, “If I kill you now, Fury will kill Saina there and Fury wants to kill you himself.”

            Roy says, “Is there any small chance you will forget what had happened, if you assume that Apocalypse is dead?”

            Rihaan says, “Let us see, you hadn’t hit me in the head and for the first thing hadn’t decided to help Apocalypse then I would have forgiven you.”

            Roy says, “I guess being an enemy is good for me.”


            They reach Kashmir and as they land, Rihaan gets a call from Lethal Fury and he gives them an address where Roy would be brought.

            Roy then gets to know that Fury’s men are following them and he says, “If you want to know, his men are following us.”

            Rihaan says, “This is bad, I don’t want any worse.”

            He then gets a call from Tanya and after some talk, Rihaan says, “What, damn!!!”

            Roy says, “What happened?”    

            Rihaan says, “Worse just happened, Ujwal Naik is sending Patriot aka Suraj, the President’s son to catch us.”

            Roy says, “That is worse.”

            Rihaan then removes the chains and they take a car head to the address.


            Rihaan then sees that reaching that address will take another day and so they stay at the hotel and Rihaan cuffs Roy to a bed and Roy says, “This really shows that we have issues.”

            Rihaan says, “Ya.”

            Rihaan then says, “Still, I still want to ask, you are dating Lynx?”

            Roy says, “Ya, she is a great girl…”

            Rihaan says, “One more question, you seriously didn’t know that night the person you hit in the head was me or the girl was Tanya?”

            Roy says, “I really didn’t know, you send me letters and yes you mentioned Tanya and I received that letter late and I came to know who Tanya was and I had seen her at the pub in London and when I saw her at the hospital when she went in coma, I was speechless.”

            The other day, they leave early morning and they reach the address which is a small village like and just then huge jeeps come there when Rihaan’s car arrives.

            The jeep doors open and Fury and Swift get down from the jeeps and Rihaan and Roy get down from the car and Fury says, “Roy!!! Long time, buddy… You know, I am so desperate to kill you now, when you get here, I will torture you like you did to the leader of the group and then I will cut you in pieces.”

            Roy laughs and says, “Fury, Fury, Fury!!! You also knew killing the leader was right, he wouldn’t have died, you wouldn’t get become the leader and I don’t have any fond memory you and him having a silent conversation when I was around you and it would end up someone drawing a gun at someone and your right hand, here, Swift, right helping you.”

            Rihaan says, “You wanted Roy, send Saina here and take him.”

            Roy looks at Rihaan says, “Damn, you seriously don’t care about me, don’t you?”

            Rihaan says, “I just want my daughter back.”

            Swift then opens another door of a jeep opens and Saina comes out and Rihaan says, “Saina.”

            Saina says, “Dad!!”

            Rihaan wears his Mr. R mask.

            Roy goes ahead and Saina start walking and when they get to the middle, they hear a sound and they see helicopter and Patriot jumps out of the helicopter and uses his metal hands and beats some men, the men start shooting and there is a gun firing everywhere.

            Roy is fighting some and Saina gets to Mr. R.

            Roy takes a machine gun and fires at Fury. Swift comes and hits Roy with a knife and they have a knife- hand combat and Mr. R comes and helps Roy.

            Swift then sees Saina and runs at her and Roy falls down and then makes a run at Swift.

            They then have a fight again and just then Fury shoots Roy and keeps firing at him and he dies.

            Swift then runs off and Rihaan looks at Roy and Rihaan says, “No!!! Don’t die.”

            Roy says, “I tried to save Saina, if I was in London, I would have saved Tanya if I knew she was her. Please forgive me.”

            Rihaan says, “I do forgive you.”

            Roy closes his eyes and Patriot comes and knocks Rihaan out.



At a police base nearby, Mr. R and Saina are there and Patriot comes and says, “How could you, R? The Fort was build for people like Roy and you escaped him and later someone kills him.”

            Mr. R says, “That someone would have killed her if I hadn’t exchanged her with.”

            Patriot says, “If this keeps happening, there would be no use of building such facility.”


            Just then, the police come inside running and they tell Patriot and others to take cover and Patriot looks outside and Fury and Swift are outside with some men holding Browning and they start firing at the police base and Patriot removes Mr. R and Saina out of prison and they run off.

            Patriot says, “Why he wants to kill us now?”

            Mr. R says, “He is a villain, why villains need any reason!!”


            They then leave and they change somewhere in the middle and they reach a hotel.

            Marvin then reaches the hotel and meets Saina.

            Saina is looking at her injuries and Marvin comes and helps her putting medicine on them.

            Rihaan and Patriot are talking and Rihaan says, “I know it was my idea for the Fort but, I know I was the first one to bring someone out, but the someone is dead now and it will never happen again”

            Patriot says, “I hope so.”

            Saina comes and says, “Should we find the Dark-Heart guys, they did attack us, we need some payback?”

            Patriot says, “I had a report where it mentioned they have a small base nearby.”

            Marvin says, “Okay, let us then knock on their door and say HI.”

            They all look at Marvin and he says, “What?”

            Rihaan smiles and says, “You will be the one who will say HI.”

            Marvin says, “Why me?”

            Saina says, “Because you have a huge mouth, babe.”


            At the Dark-Heart base,

Fury and Swift are there and they then hear a noise and the men tell them it is a bike and there is a guy driving it.

            Swift says, “Who is it?”

            It is Slash driving it and he removes his guns and fires at the men and he leaves the bike and bike hits the jeeps parked and they exploded when Slash triggers the explosive on the bike.

            Mr. R and Patriot come ahead and Mr. R throws some knives and kills some men and Patriot wrestles some men and beats them bad.

            Mr. R sees Fury and he goes at him and Fury removes a sword and goes and fights him.

            Swift goes to help but Black Rose stops her and they have fight.

            Slash and Patriot destroy the whole base.

            Fury then beats Mr. R and leaves from there and takes a remaining jeep and when he goes ahead, Mr. R takes a Browning Gun and fires at the jeep and it explodes and Swift sees this and jumps in the river nearby leaving Black Rose on a bridge and Slash saves her.


            In the plane,

Patriot shows a report on Dark-Heart and he says, “Their leader was cruel and Roy killed him but he wasn’t dead, he was admitted for some days because his head was cut off and Roy had shot him.”

            Rihaan says, “He never misses, why one an expert mercenary kill a person two times, weird!!!”

            They then reach the City.


            After some days,

Rihaan is at his house and Tanya comes and says, “You did a great job in Kashmir, Saina was saved and Roy was.”

            Rihaan says, “He died, but I also felt it wasn’t his mistake at that point.”

            Tanya says, “Alright, ya, you remember that chemical called HT-B, that you and Chang made which reduces your heart rate while you try to die and while in stress, a tube was missing in the helicopter when it came back.”

            Rihaan is at the balcony of his house and he says, “The leader of Dark-Heart was killed twice and Fury wanted to be next leader and he still became when Roy killed the leader once and what if, Fury killed him later when leader survived the shot and Fury was angry on Roy because he wanted to kill him not Roy and so, he kidnapped Saina and they used me. One tube missing, Roy took it and used it, but when (he then gets a vision of Roy running behind Swift), oh No!!!”


            Fury who happens to be alive comes to a shed and Swift points a gun at him and Fury says, “It’s me…”

            Swift says, “I don’t know, why we are working under him, he is a class-A jerk.”

            Fury says, “I was angry because I didn’t get a chance to kill the leader and he did which wasn’t necessary and still he did and he escaped to the City and we had a made a deal to work together after that, so I had to bring him here.”

            Just then Swift then gets shot in the leg and says, “Who did that?”


            A guy comes and it is Roy and he says, “That chemical* worked though and my aim is still good.”

            Fury and Roy shake hands and Fury says, “What now?”

            Roy says, “Apocalypse started a new gang when I was with him and I am clearly better leader than him and I have you guys too and we can make a great gang here and rule the City.”

            Fury says, “Gang, alright!!!”

            Swift says, “Any name you thought?”

            Roy says, “The Phoenix, and one more thing?”

            Fury says, “What is it, Roy?”

            Roy says, “That is the thing, don’t call me Roy, call me Maverick.


            At Rihaan’s house, Tanya comes and says, “What happened?”

            Rihaan is laughing and he says, “You said, one chemical tube is missing, ya, Roy took it and he is still alive, I know he hates Apocalypse and he wouldn’t go with him if he is alive too, that means.”

            Tanya says, “He will form a new gang.”

            Rihaan says, “Oh my God!!!”


            Just then a servant comes with a parcel and Rihaan opens and there is an empty tube and a flag like and ‘Phoenix’ written on it and Rihaan says, “Great.”

            (The chemical, Roy injected himself when he was running at Saina to save her from Swift as he didn’t want Mr. R to see that time.)

            Saina says, “This means?”

            Rihaan smiles and says, “The adventure is still on, guys!!!!”

            Rihaan and other cheers and Maverick and his gang are having a drink and they also cheers and Maverick says, “Rihaan, let it begin.”


            On the other side, the gentleman reaches a mental asylum and shows some doctors some papers and gives some money and he says, “Where is she?”

            The doctors take him inside a room where a girl of 16 years is sitting crying and gentleman says, “Dolly, are you okay?”

            Dolly says, “Who are you?”

            The Gentleman says, “I am, Mr. PERFECT. We need you out of here; I have come to take you away from here.”

            Dolly says, “On one condition?”

            Mr. Perfect says, “Which is?”

            Dolly says, “I want my Teddy…”

            He smiles and says, “You will get it.”

            Dolly gives an evil smile and walks out with Mr. Perfect and he calls Ford and says, “We have one more.”

            The news then come, Lynx was escaped out of prison by someone.

            Lynx then sees Maverick and jumps at him and says, “BABY!!!”

            Maverick says, “Time to go home, darling!!!!!”

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