Holi hai

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Updated 23:05 IST Mar 02, 2018

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 Holi is one of the festivals significantly related to human nature .

The night of holi we have holikadahan which is nothing but getting rid of the evils overpowering our sense .The next day i. e dhulivandan or 5 days later rang panchmi we get colour, in short give a fresh start , a new beginning .

An empty page is always blank , the time we start filling colours is when we start decorating it and whenever it goes wrong we simply tear the page . Life also goes with a similar motto.

Colours are one of those things in life which, completely overpower us and we never complain. Just a simple change in colour , completely  changes our thought .  They are the best healers for any and every pain. Each colour plays a specific role in our life.  May be that is why  even celebrate with colours.

We are so dependent on colours . Although now a days we like to click monochrome , black and white pictures but ,that is after we have umpteen number of colourful images.

From environment to technology everywhere we need colours. we are completely dependent on colours .

But there one place where are not so very keen on having a variety of colour … yes it is our food plate. Being a dietician, I just can’t resist connecting any topic to food.  

Colours are so important in case of foods. The colour of the food helps us understand if it fresh or stale , well cooked or not and many more . In our theory we were always taught that people always first see and then decide if they are going to eat or not . It is  also said that if you eat with all your senses  i.e , first you smell , then you see and then you taste , then you enjoy your food better .  Believe me that is so true. The satisfaction after mindful eating can not be described and with additional advantage of not gaining extra weight.

Few years back even, I personally didn’t like a colourful plate. Later during my internship,  I realised that ,most of the people I met were with same problem .  In case of food we completly prejudiced or rather partial towards our favourites.

In our lives, we always prefer a person with a colourful mindbut in our plate we have only a selected group of colours. Never forget just like colours play with our emotion , so does our food.

Of course any one would say we eat food ; What matters is the taste and not colour !!    

For instance people love to watch green trees, love the green signal which indicates the right to go but what about green veggies??

With the era of internet and awareness of food , I would surely like to appreciate the people who try  to consume the greens not in sabji form but may be with some experiments. What about the rest of the colours ?  

Like each colour has a specific identity in life, it has a specific function in our food as well. Will be back with those details in the next write up very soon.

So this holi lets release the habbit of not paying attention to the food colours.

Happy Holi & happy dhulivandandan

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