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By dietician Rama Talak in Health & Wellness
Updated 12:28 IST Aug 11, 2018

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The first step sets up the base , is the foundation. If the first step is taken in the right direction takes you to the right destination.

In case of our lives the first step towards healthy life is healthy diet. Healthy diet is not just fruits, vegetables, cereals blah. But the first step is the most important.

The best start to life is breast feeding.

Yes, breast feeding is the most important part of healthy nutrition.

There are many mothers now a day who do opt for breast feeding but miss on the “GOLDEN HOUR”. The golden hour is the immediate 1 hour post-delivery. This is the most important hour in  baby’s and mother’s life. This time the baby should spend with the mother first and then the rest of the relatives.

Although all the relatives are super excited and waiting to see the baby, the baby should be first handed over to the mother for it to be fed. Once the baby is given colostrum, it is all set to interact with his/her family.  It then becomes easier for the babies to enjoy the new world out of the womb.

Today in the 21st century, we still have families who first feed the child a drop of honey; water ; gripe water; sugar. This is the way we teach our baby to take the first wrong step from healthy diet and thus healthy life.

Unfortunately only 50 % of the mothers and the families let the baby have colostrum first.

This is the start, later the mothers always feel , that her milk is lacking. But don’t you worry mommies, the milk that you all produce is nothing but just perfect for your baby.

Formula feeds are good but they can never be as nutritious as the breast feed for your baby. Human bodies have excellent mechanism and thus they produce milk in the exact amount your baby needs. Mothers and families should actually not worry about it , the more the mother worries , the problematic it will be.

This doesn’t mean that the mother is tap you just open and have milk. NO WAYS, even she has to be taken care of. She has to be given a good diet, which means everything that she loves and wants to eat. DONOT restrict and restrain her from eating anything healthy and tasty.

  Breast feeding is a major benefit for both of them and should be an enjoyable moment for both. 

The first step is always the foundation step. Breast feeding is also one such. So don’t deprive your baby of its first right.





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