Friendly or unfriendly

By Dr Sana Khan in Experiences
Updated 17:38 IST Aug 19, 2018

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Friendship is an extremely beautiful relationship that everyone experiences. Man is a social being. Acceptance , the spirit of unity , the spirit of togetherness ,Apnapan, apnaiyat all these are so important. 

But everyday isn't sunday. Sometimes you do come across some people who are rugged, selfish. All this is just for us to learn that not everyone is good ; so appreciate the good people around you. 

You can't be good for everyone. People have their own perspectives. Even if being nice is your nature don't expect everyone to understand that. There are people who will take things,help, opinions but never utter a word of gratitude and some are so generous that they'll be there for you in despair and happiness And life moves on with such intense and beautiful twists and turns....

Sometimes even a stranger in a bus will help you out and sometimes even a 5 year long friend won't even speak a word such is life..

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