A short love story

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She came to know about him through a common writer friend on FB. She checked his profile and started reading his blogs. He was doing very well in his field but his passion was writing and that reflected through his blogs. She got hooked to his easy to read, simple yet heart touching writing and couldn’t wait for his new article to appear on the blog. It was as if she was in a competition to see who read that blog first! It continued for a couple of months and she started to know him through his writings. She clinged to whatever little information she could get about him through the blogs. She could say that he was a sincere, loyal and intelligent person with a zest for life. Most of her free time was spent reading his blogs and wondering what excuse she could make to meet him!

And one fine day an opportunity knocked on her door and she was on cloud 9. He was mentoring a workshop for newbie writers and this was a perfect chance to meet him. Initially she was very excited about going to the workshop and meeting him but slowly apprehension set in and got her thinking what was she going to do there! Even if she went there nothing was going to happen as she was an introvert person and never in her life acted on impulse but as they say there is a first time for everything. She was doing very well professionally but writing was not her cup of tea!  Also what made it more difficult was the fact that he was not even aware of her existence!!!

But finally, she made up her mind and decided to attend the workshop. The workshop was being held in a city where her cousin stayed. She finalised all the arrangements before she could change her mind again! The days till the workshop passed in a blur and it was all she could think about.

Eventually the day arrived and she reached the venue of the workshop. The mentor introduced himself, participants were introduced and the workshop started. The group fell into a rhythm over the next 4 days and bonded very well. He was very cordial with the participants and helped them wherever needed. She was happy that she was spending time with him and getting to know things about him. They had many things in common. Time flew by and the workshop came to an end. The group along with the mentor decided to go for a celebratory dinner on the last day. The dinner went very well, conversations flowing freely along with great food and everyone agreeing to remain in touch with each other.

Now it was time to say good byes – few from the group were locals and others from different cities. They all had their return tickets booked for the next day but she was staying at her cousin’s place for a couple of day after which she had her return ticket. Everyone said their good byes and left. In the end only these two remained. With a heavy heart she said her good bye and started going her way. He stood standing watching her and just as she was about to enter her cab, he called her name. She turned around and saw him standing near her. He hesitantly asked her “Can we meet for coffee tomorrow?”

She slowly smiled and said “Thought you would never ask”



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